Hey folks! Just a quick platform update. Last week we removed malware from the website that had sneaked in through an unknown vulnerability in one of our plugins. The malware managed to redirect our site to betting sites, but due to the vulnerability we also found several other uploaded pieces of software that were intended to be used as backdoors and data grabbers. 

Due to the way we handle personal information on our site for anyone grabbing some merch (we basically store no information on the site, ever, once the order has been placed), we are very confident that the hack did not affect personal data in any way.

However, we take the security of the site very seriously and will continue to monitor the health of the site and complete forensics on the malware and other scripts found on the servers.

Due to a massive cleanup of the site’s files, our Patreon and Crypto donation buttons are currently down. This couldn’t come at a worse time, as we have quite a few bills to pay over the next two months to keep the site up and running! If you can afford it, please consider dropping us a few coins via Patreon or PayPal. Even 1 Euro helps! 

Paypal: unoffensive_animal (at) tutanota(dot)com

Beyond the website security shenanigans, we are still looking for people to contribute one article a month. We are interested in hearing about current campaigns, but other topics are also welcome. Please contact us privately if you think you can help contribute to the site! 

We hope you all fight hard and take care of each other.



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