VIA: Abolition Media

January, Hamburg Germany.

“With thoughts of the hunger-striking anarchist Alfredo Cospito, we set fire to Strabag trucks in the Schanze (a central quarter of Hamburg) on the night of January .
Strabag does not only build prisons. At least since the struggle for the Dannenröder forest, they have often been the target of attacks because they actively destroy nature. Our fire should also give strength to those fighting in and around Lützerath. Day X has already been proclaimed.

We stand in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike since 20 October 2022 against his imprisonment in the 41-bis isolation regime and against life imprisonment without the option of release. Alfredo’s detention conditions are slightly better at the moment than previous weeks. He has lost a lot of weight and his health is relatively stable, but could become critical at any time. Two other prisoners in Italy, Anna and Juan have been on prolonged solidarity hunger strikes and Ivan Alocco, a prisoner in France is also supporting Alfredo through hunger strike. Toby Shone, who is in prison in England, is also supporting Alfredo by refusing food several days a week.

We are also in solidarity with Thanos Chatziangelou from the organisation Anarchist Action, who was illegally transferred from Korydallos to Nigrita prison in Serres on 19/12. Thanos started a hunger and thirst strike that day. The companion is involved in the recent mobilizations in prisons in Greece against the new harsh laws, which are currently taking place in many places and in which many prisoners have been participating in recent months.

On 25.12, he was transferred to the hospital in Nigrita, where he is guarded around the clock by police. On the evening of 31 December, external doctors attempted for the first time to subject him to the torture of force-feeding on the basis of a prosecutor’s order. Thanos resisted and pulled the injections. Force-feeding is torture! Our companion’s demands must be met! The reasons for his transfer must be given and he must be brought back to Korydallos.

Five other prisoners in Greece have gone on hunger strike for his demands.

We stand in solidarity with the 11 comrades from Turkey who are imprisoned in Greece: Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Agarmış, Hasan Kaya, Sinan Çam, Şadi Naci Özpolat, Halil Demir, Anıl Sayar, Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen, İsmail Zat. They have been on hunger strike since October 7, demanding a fair trial and an immediate reversal of the 133 years in prison they received collectively from a Greek court. They are also demanding their rights in relation to their arrest and a legal status in Greece. Many prisoners in Greece are in solidarity with the 11.”

The words we share are from the call for the demo “NO PRISON, NO NATION, STOP ISOLATION” on 8.1. in Berlin.

Freedom for all prisoners! Down with the walls and the energy companies!

translated by Nae Midion
Note: photo not associated with the action.


German (and worldwide) activists have fought this before, and are doing it again. RWE, one of the dirtiest energy companies in Europe, is unsurprisingly attempting to expand their lignite mining operations and having to face the fierce opposition of anarchist resistance against the destruction of the earth.

Lützerath is a village in the edge of Garzwailer mine, which digs for lignite coal for energy production. RWE has forcefully kicked out the residents from the village with the intention to demolish the houses and expand the mine, and for over a year activists have squatted the village and built treehouses, blockading the destruction.

The police has announced their eviction plan, which started on the 9th of January, where they want to build a fence around the village, then fence off the different barrios and one by one evict the barrios on behalf of RWE to destroy the village.

The resistance is not afraid of RWE and their police goons and folks have joined forces to resist the eviction and fight back, exactly the same way as it was done in Habacher Forst, where the trees still remain! In the exact same fashion as Hambi, Lützerath is as much an ecological struggle as it is an anarchist alternative to capitalist and democratic society.

They are asking for as much support as possible, so if you can, join the camps and block the cop’s access, fight the eviction and support people on the ground!

If you are unable to join that way, remember that RWE is a multinational company that owns many businesses around the world, and most likely has investments wherever you are from. Those assets are as fair game as RWE itself. They are one of the biggest polluters in Europe, they are very good at marketing themselves as a green eco-conscious company and they are not afraid to fight back, but they have been fended off in the past and they can be destroyed once again. Cut their fingers wherever they are so they cannot grab more money and they will run back afraid of their loses.

You can find more info (and all the socials of the resistance) here:

Solidarity with all fighting in Lützerath.


For an anarchist future. Fight back!


Solidarity Apothecary has sent us a text remembering Gilly which we believe you all should read. Remember that the anonymous faces of the Animal Liberation Front (and many other movements) do have a name attached to them, which normally is only shared once they’ve passed away. And remember that in a hyper masculine society, we tend to undestand the ALF as a men run concept, when it many cases it is quite the opposite.

“Today is the 7th anniversary of Gilly’s death💔.

For folks who didn’t know her, she was an absolute fierce anarchist and animal liberationist. Obviously it’s impossible to quantify as the animal liberation front is an anonymous, underground movement – but my bets are that she was one of the most active ALF organisers in history. Through the 80s and 90s and all the years before she became unwell, she would raid labs, farms and all sites of animal abuse freeing countless animals. 🔥
She actively sabotaged the badger cull and coordinated resistance to it in the original Krebs trials – so much so that it had a 95% failure rate.

She was an active hunt sab, involved in many grassroots campaigns, as well as prisoner support. You can see copies of the South East Liberator mag on the Talon Conspiracy archiving project website, which details some of the things she did – only to be shared after her death.

She was a surrogate mum to me and taught me more about anarchism than any book ever could. She would text me every single time I had a prison visit without fail for years on end and supported me through my sentence. She’d been inside and knew what it was like. She was spiky and anti-social to many, but also caring, kind and loyal to those close to her. Men get celebrated as ALF heroes, while women like Gilly get invisibilised, especially if they develop chronic illnesses.

I’ll never forget her and our movements shouldn’t either. Please remember Gilly today. Feel free to share this post.

Rest in power sweet Gilly, I miss you.”



December-January, Fulda, Germany.

Received anonymously via email:

“Over the course of 5 nights, 90 posters of a Christmas circus in Fulda were destroyed, painted and taken down. The ALF activists want to ensure that fewer visitors support animal exploitation in the circus.

In addition to human artists the circus keeps animals to entertain the audience. Besides ponies, horses, huskies and camels, wild reindeer from Lapland are supposed to perform there.

The animals are kept on an empty concrete or gravel area and only have branches lying on the ground.

This form of husbandry does not resemble there natural habitat in the slightest!
On top of the horrible living conditions, the animals have to endure daily training/shows against their will and the stress during the transport from one city to the next.

We demand an immediate ban of using animals for entertainment purposes and the liberation of all animals!

We will fight until every enclosure and cage is empty!”


WHERE: Worldwide
WHEN: 13th-16th January
WHY: Cos fuck Cop City.

The fight to stop cop city from being built in the Atlanta Forest is in full swing, and with six people facing terrorism charges for tree-sitting, the movement needs to do a push for support from everywhere in the world.

We received a short call to action we would like to share with you:

“call for a weekend of solidarity with the Atlanta Forest to #StopCopCity. January 13-16th.

6 people are charged with domestic terrorism for tree-sitting, as police kill more people in 2022 than any year before, & the climate crisis rages.

We can all take action for our future.”

Be it a solidarity gig, a banner drop, a protest, an event or whatever your imagination can muster, there is a call to action to support the fight against Cop City which we all can partake on worldwide.

Meet with your friends, plot and organise! Are you busy already during the weekend? Make a banner and send a solidarity picture! Whatever it is, show up and tell both Blackhall Studios and the Atlanta Police Department to go fuck themselves.

Send your action reports, photos or words of solidarity to: [email protected]



On the 29th of December, Luz butcher shop in Stuttgart, Germany, announced that they were non longer going to carry on open, four days after the third attack by the ALF.

We were alerted of the news by an anonymous member of the cell that targeted that butcher shop, who sent us this text:

“4 Days after our action (3 actions in total) against Butcher Luz they are closing down there whole ”business”, after 111 years YEEES PARTY

Massive smell and paint and fake blood combined in some actions seemed to look like a good combination here. Stay continous brave activists, we will get Liberation for all beeings!

Please feel motivated you are not alone in this, there is a lot of us! Its a marathon not a sprint and we are close to Animal rights and Liberation like never before in history. Looking forward to celebrate with all of you activists offline when we arrive in a mostly/full vegan world.

Kisses and hugs to all of you wonderful vegan activists out there!

#untileverycageisempty #totalliberation #veganarchism #animalrights #victory”


1st January, Portland USA.

VIA: Scenes.

“Last night I broke into a Bank of America in Portland, Oregon and started a large fire. According to news reports, the fire grew quickly and took firefighters more than an hour to extinguish.

I attack for revenge against capital for the hell it creates, to break the illusion of police control that usually protects it, and just because I can.

Bank of America funds the Atlanta Police Foundation and a thousand other projects of control. Earlier that day, the six friends in Atlanta charged with “domestic terrorism” were released from jail. May this fire bring them some warmth in winter.

Long live anarchy!”


December, Athens Greece.

received anonymously via email:

“While life in the metropolis becomes more and more difficult for human and non-human animals who try to survive in it, the mayor of athens decided to remind us this year how easily τhe states domination can destroy nature, by placing a 21 meters tree from karpenisi, in syntagma square. Under the tree and the 40,000 lights that illuminated it, uniformed bastards were placed in order to preserve the “festive atmosphere”. After all, they had every reason to be afraid, since on December 5, a cop literally performed his duty by shooting the 16-year-old Roma Kostas Frangoulis, a day before the anniversary of the murder of the 16-year-old anarchist Alexis Grigoropoulos.

The festive atmosphere continued in the municipality of Volos, since real non-human animals were used as accessories to decorate two nativities in the area. Non-human animals have once again been exploited in the name of customs and tradition.

They were sold in pet shops as christmas presents, they became a spectacle of a festive program in the attica zoological park’s prisons, they were abused by the dairy industry and the shelves of the supermarkets were filled with special chocolates, cheese, etc. and were taken to slaughterhouses by the thousands so that their bodies could take a central place at the christmas table.

So we, influenced by the festive atmosphere, could not resist and visited some supermarket in Athens. We destroyed some of the most expensive christmas packages of animal products, making it impossible to sell them, causing a loss of a few hundred euros. This move was the minimum act of opposition to animal farm structures. After all, we still have a long way to go until the total destruction of speciesism.

Until every cage is empty.

Wild Turkeys”


30th December, Stuttgart Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“Butyric Acid is a effective liquid to stop people from paying to see animals in prisons, when poured over entrance and cash desk. Stop to finance such violance in zoos! Animals are not here to gape at!

So we reached out to remember them to respect all beeings. Close the Zoo Wilhelma, and all other animal prisons!

Until every cage is empty!”