We have received a submission about Punk Aid, a project raising funds for Free the MBR Beagles after producing a collaborative song that you can download (and donate for) on Bandcamp. Hear them out!

“I’m sure readers to the page are no strangers to the Free the MBR Beagles campaign. Activists fighting for the closure of the American multinational Marshall Biosciences in Cambridgeshire, and the liberation of the 2000 odd puppies they hold captive there.

Many methods have been used to bring the fight to them; most famously the Camp Beagle established directly out side the puppy farm that maintains a constant vigilance. Also the actions of Animal Rebellion and their incredible day light liberations of around twenty innocent puppies!

Well now it’s the turn of the punks! Working remotely, we thought “What can we do to help the campaign?” We brought together a collective of pro-animal liberation activist punks and have produced a song in support of the MBR beagles and the activists that fight for them in the true spirit of DIY anarcho punk!

It features contributions from over 12 bands, members of which have for many years been involved in animal rights campaigns such as hunt sabbing and protests against Huntingdon Life Sciences.

You can view the video here:


or download the tune here:


ALL profits raised from the download will go directly to the Free the MBR Beagles campaign!”

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