Eric is due to be released this year and we cannot wait to hear he is out and surounded by his friends and family!

We hate prisons, they are designed to destroy people and communities and no one comes out of these twisted and malicious places unscathed. Eric King has had it rough in prison since he was sentenced in 2016. He has been systematically attacked by prison guards, who on one occassion took him to a closet with no CCTV to beat him up due to his anarchist and anti fascist beliefs. They also retrained him for 6 hours afterwards. He has spent much of his long prison sentence kept in solitary confinement, isolating him as a means of torture.

In 2019, he was falsely accused of attacking a guard and faced an additional 20 years in prison, he was found innocent but the prison system is still set on making his life as hard as possible and transferred him to MAX.

In much lighter news, Eric is due to be released from prison this year and is desperate to be free and reunited with his family. There is currently a GoFundMe set up. Donations will help him do things like see a doctor, have some family days out and just take a bit of the burden off.

We have just sent 150USD to Eric for his release, why not join us?

If you can support our comrade Eric then do it, solidarity is everything.

Do send him a letter and help him get through the last months of imprisonment, his address is this:

Eric King 27090045
PO BOX 8500

For further updates and more info about Eric and his experiences as well as a number of poems he has written while inside, check out:

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