12th January, Cologne Germany.

Via: Abolition Media

“In the night of 12.01.2023 we set out in deep solidarity with our friends in the Zad Lützerath to sabotage the coal railroad in the Cologne city forest.

With two strategically placed incendiary devices we hope to have stopped the delivery of the coal at least for a small moment.

RWE deserves nothing but our deepest hatred!

Even if the cops occupy the whole Rhineland they can’t watch us everywhere. The night belongs to us!

Our action is part of a militant campaign for the preservation of the autonomous zone and against the global climate destruction.

Fossil energy production and its exploitation of the planet must be stopped at all costs.

We greet all those who oppose climate destruction and oppression throughout Germany and the world.

Freedom for all!

For a militant climate movement!”

Note: photo not associated with action.

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