It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the forest. With actions almost every day and sabotages being reported on multiple occasions, it surely has been a fun time in the forest during the winter holidays.
Unoffensive arrived a couple of days ago to find out that RWE was demolishing a (now ghost town) village close to the mine to be able to keep digging.
The locals were broken and disheartened, seeing the old church being demolished was something that none of them was expecting to happen.
The morning of the demolition, some activists from Greenpeace climbed the church and did a banner drop whilst Hambis occupied neighbouring rooftops to stop the machine from demolishing the buildings.
Sadly, the cops managed to take everybody down and RWE was allowed to carry on with their work.
Everybody was taken to the police station and later released without charges.
Meanwhile, the local filth has informed us that they are interested in evicting the barricades INSIDE of the forest and also that they would like to bring politicians from the parliament to visit the occupation. We cannot promise that they will have it easy.


I am aware that we have already published an end-of-the-year photo but this member of the collective has many things in their head.

We call ourselves anarchists and we call ourselves activists. We basically mean that we refuse hierarchies and that we can see a better world and that we will act to reach that world. We aren’t dreamers, we are warriors.

There is no doubt that the road is hard and that the work is not easy. We endure the fight. Day after day we stand up and oppose the oppression. Night after night we reach out to show the alternative. “There is no rest”, we say, and we actually mean it.

We fight. We get wet and walk on the mud and stay awake all night to keep guard. We force our fear to quiet down when a riot cop runs towards us. We submerge ourselves on missions that could make us lose our freedom for decades. We fight.

We fight with passion because we are warriors. We fight because without fighting we would not be able to change the world around us. We fight because we love.

It is only because we love that we have to fight. Only because we cannot see the suffering in front of us and keep passive. We only fight because we love.

Loving and fighting keep being my only focuses in life. So long as I love the Earth, so long as I love its inhabitants, so long as I love freedom, I will fight.

May your future bring you reasons to love and reasons to fight.