The British campaign to free the beagles bred for vivisection in MBR Acres keeps rolling at full steam. With more and more folks joining the campaign, specially new people who have not been involved in animal liberation before, the campaign seems to be just starting.

On the 1st of August, a 300 strong demonstration kept pressure at the front gates of the Cambridgeshire farm. Even with 70+ police on site, protestors managed to keep the workers stranded inside their cars in the middle of the road for more than two hours, creating multiple lines to protest their involvement in vivisection. A couple of arrests were made and folks have been remanded away from the site.

Meanwhile, Camp Beagle has kept MBR on their toes daily by keeping tabs on workers’ ins and outs and by holding daily demonstrations by the gates.

Sadly, not all is great news. On the 10th of August and after 40 days of siege with no dogs coming out of the facility, a huge contingent of police ensured that two transport vans would drive into the farm, only to be escorted out some time later with dogs crying inside of the vehicles. This seemed to be an important eye opener by many folks who were hoping the police were anything more than spineless puppets.

There is another national demo happening this Sunday, 15th of August, and things are growing. The demo has been called for MBR Acres, but also for those living in the north of the UK who want to visit its sister vivisection breeding facility B&K Universal.

Both demos start at 8am and you can find more information about them on the campaign’s Facebook page:


We are aware of folks who have expressed they have not felt safe at the demos due to transphobic comments as well as peace policing and bootlicking. When a campaign like this gains attention it is bound to attract many folks who do not tend to align politically, or who have not experienced the full oppressive power of the police. Our suggestion, as always, is to keep fighting. Ensure that you surround yourself with folks who take care of you and who will take care of others. Ensure you call out bad behaviour when it is needed and ensure you create an environment that is welcoming for those who constantly experience oppression by society, but most importantly, ensure that racists, transphobes and bootlickers do not hijack the movement in the name of “animal liberation”. We only lose the fight if we stop fighting. Let’s not forget that animal liberation only works with total liberation.

And let’s never leave without the beagles.

Dress black. Mask up. Be no one. Be ready for anything. Be the catalyser for their liberation.

See you in the next demo.


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