So it has taken us a little while, but we have managed to restock all sizes of tees and hoodies on all designs. If you’ve been waiting to grab yourself a hoodie or a tee but we did not have your size, you can now find them on the website!

There is an important change to note about our merch. We have changed suppliers and instead of printing on Earth Positive, we are now sourcing our garments through NoSweat, which run a campaign to empower workers cooperatives and fight back against sweatshops.

Although it means we spend a little more per garment, we have not changed our prices whatsoever. It is worth noting that the size chart might change slightly, but we think the change is positive and necessary. For a transitional period, you might receive either Earth Positive or NoSweat.

There shouldn’t be too much of a difference, but if sizing does not feel right after receiving the garment you can reach out to the shop and they can see what would work best. Reach them in our email: unoffensiveshop (at) riseup (dot) net.

As well as hoodies and tees, we have restocked on flags and face coverings, we still have a bunch of beanies and a handful of tote bags and the folks at Wildfire hooked us up with a bunch more magazines so we have both volumes back in stock!

As we need to fundraise after a couple of months of not making much cash, all orders over 50GBP placed for the next seven days will receive a free print. We will choose the print at random. For anyone ordering over 100GBP, we will send a whole set with the four prints included.

You can have a look at our shop here: 

Thank you once again for all the support you folks shows towards unoffensive. Just as a reminder, all the profit turned by the collective helps support prisoners as well as supporting folks facing court cases or campaigns that might need some form of support.


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