We have new merch on our website! For the first time ever we have printed designs on the front of tees and hoodies, for all of you that have asked for years to have something printed other than the back!

NoBonzo did an amazing design against vivisection where rats rebel against the cages and make mini Molotovs out of the lab’s glassware.

Praxis drew a collab design a year ago that was so popular on prints that we decided to make tees and hoodies with.

To try and support comrades, we have also agreed to sell Underground Badger Syndicate and Smash Speciesism t-shirts through our website. We do not take any of those profits and everything goes straight to their campaign work.

As well as the new designs on tees and hoodies we have printed enamel pins and embroided patches with the classic Defend Direct Action logo, so if you want to be a little more subtle, there is something for you!

Of course, loads of art prints are available the website as well as tote bags, face covers and the classic Praise Be, Defend Direct Action and Animal Equals hoodies and tees.

If you want to support unoffensive, you can do that by heading to the website and grabbing yourself some merch. Be aware that we are not a shop, you can choose what donation you would like to give for the stuff and we will parcel and post it to you whenever we are free, but be patient as we do not work on the merch stuff every day!

Thank you for the support


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