Since the campaign started and we last wrote about it, Free the MBR Beagles has gone through quite a few things. 

For anyone who still hasn’t heard about it, MBR Acres is a British beagle breeder that sells the dogs to vivisection laboratories. After undercover footage of workers transporting beagles in crates was released, a nationwide campaign started to shut down the farm and release all animals from the premises. A camp was also set up outside of the gates of the farm, with people living there 24/7.

Last week, about three hundred people joined a demo to put even more pressure. Folks travelled from around the country just to join for the day, but also many locals who had no idea about the farm being so close to them decided to participate in the demonstration. Whilst the demo was very calm and it did not kick off, it was a good turnout that will only translate into even more folks joining the next one. 

On Sunday some information about a worker loading dogs in a car started circulating. This was big news as since camp was set up, no dogs have been officially taken out of the facility. An urgent call for support was sent and many people arrived in camp to an odd standstill between the police, the workers and folks barricading the exit. In the end, the police allowed the workers to move and so did the external barricade, and whilst folks on the ground do not believe animals were taken out on Sunday or any other previous day, it is difficult to know if workers are sneaking dogs out of the factory farm. It is unknown why anyone would take the dogs out of the factory in a personal car and the most plausible explanation is for rehoming purposes, but that is an unconfirmed guess. For that reason, more daily support has been called.

To appeal to the workers of the facility there is a whistleblower number as well as an email address for anyone to give inside information anonymously. If needed, you can find those contact details on Free The MBR Beagles. At the same time, a recruitment company has offered the workers an alternative job that matches or beats their current salary to get them out of that facility. 

From other frontlines and showing support to the campaign, the ALF released two communique in solidarity with the MBR Beagles. In one they explained how they took 33 hens from a factory farm. In another, how they liberated 400+ guinea pigs. We can only guess that ALF actions directly targeting MBR or in solidarity with the campaign will be on the rise. 

The next national demo called is on Sunday, 1st of August. It starts at 8 am and the postcode is PE28 2DT. It is organised as a protest and “funeral-vigil”, so they are asking for people to dress accordingly. Masks are recommended. 

If you live in the country, we cannot recommend you more to join this campaign. It is a breath of fresh air in the animal liberation movement that could bring back the strength and uncompromised fight that once was. If you’re not, you probably have an MBR near you. Find them, gain information about them and target them! Bring the company down! 


Video by @misartressmel, filmed during the last demo.

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