As you know, part of our job is to arrest and prisoner support. This is an update on the cases we’ve been either supporting or keeping an eye on. This is also a solidarity call to action. However you decide to show solidarity is up to you, up to your affinity group and your environment, but we would like to mention a few things that folks have done as part of solidarity actions so you have choices!

Historically we have seen a massive array of ways to show solidarity with folks that are facing legal pressure and the full oppression of the state. From demos outside of prison and courthouses to banner drops, graffiti, sabotages and liberations on their name, there are many actions that one can take alone or in an affinity group.

If anyone decides to take action, please send us photos and reports to [email protected]

Earth First! ARRESTEES had their plea hearing a couple of weeks back. Everybody pleaded not guilty and one of the cases was dropped. The rest are facing completely fabricated charges ranging from assault to criminal damage whilst occupying a coal mine in County Durham. They have their own fundraising link that you can find here:

Please consider donating to them. The charges might incur in pretty hefty fines, but just the transport from everywhere in the UK to County Durham is incredibly expensive.

The three arrestees in Ramsgate Live Exports have their court dates set; 31st of October and 1st of November. We are asking everybody able to support to meet in Margate Magistrates Court those days and make noise, but if people are too far away, remember that any other form of action is also a positive step to showing your solidarity towards your comrades.

SMASH Speciesism faced the plea date a few days ago. Everybody pleaded not guilty, The trial date has not been set, but during the plea about 20 people showed up to express solidarity. The court could not believe how many people were there, just for one case. It was a wonderful experience. 

The McDonald’s case ended up with a Guilty verdict and a hefty fine as well as community service for the comrade sentenced. Some of the funds raised will be used for that fine.

We now have a total of SEVEN comrades that are also in need of support but that do not wish to share the case online or publicise it in any way as the case could be compromised and they could be facing serious charges. That does not make them any less worthy of our love and rage, so if folks want to take action in solidarity with them, we will call them the Silent Seven.

We’ve not stared our arrestee fundraising link for a while so we think it is a good time to do so. Please, if you have any disposable income, send some coins and help out. Certainly sharing this and telling the stories also help, and doing ANY KIND of solidarity action is a great way of sending love. Donate some coins here:




Via BiteBack Magazine

22nd September, Sweden

anonymous report:

“When we were walking through the forest and enjoying nature we saw this piece of ugliness. We toppled it and damaged it, making it impossible for the murderers to use in their assassinations. Long live the animals!

Location: Sweden”


Matthias has been referred to the Geneva Police Court and a trial is expected by December this year.

He has been locked up in preventative prison for over 300 days, accused of stoning butcher, fast food and fur shops and the occupation of a slaughterhouse as well as causing damage to another.

He has faced police surveillance outside of any warrant and multiple human rights violations.

There have been multiple calls to action for both above and under ground shows of solidarity.

Help with legal fees is VERY much needed and as always please write to prisoners!

You can find the fundraiser on @solidaritywithourcomrades or via this link

Love, rage and fucking always solidarity.


20th September, Sweden

via BiteBack Magazine

anonymous report:

“On the night the 20th of september a fur and leather shop got their door window smashed with a big stone and their windows sprayed with ”Animal Abuser”. It is a friendly reminder that they should shut down.

Also, they tried to fix the window with tape (with their name on) so maybe they are used to this? Should we attack even bigger next time?

// ALF”


30th September, South East UK.

Photo: Angel, a survivor of the crash and not linked to the birds rescued at the slaughterhouse.

received anonymously via email:

“Today a truck filled with 9,000 chickens turned over and crashed. Activists from all over arrived to help rescue the injured birds. After hours of bull shit negotiations with brain dead cops we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We stood in solidarity with the thousands injured in the crash. We witnessed their broken bodies tossed around in front of us whilst the cops and RSPCA watched on with smiles on their faces. With legitimate rescue denied we said fuck this we are going to free someone.

We arrived at the local slaugher house, just missing the truck containing the injured, dying and dead birds. Another truck filled with lives was waiting to go in just outside.

A crack in the crates was spotted. Activists then took the opportunity to free the birds from their cages. 

‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable’.



5th October, South West UK.

received anonymously via email:

“Whilst out in the countryside checking badger setts we encountered a lamb acting very strangely. They were going in circles over and over and hitting against the fencing.

We thought they were suffering from Listeriosis, but upon examination we realised they had been born without eyes.

They were helped away through the fields, and agent of their own liberation they walked all the way to the vehicle, only aided by our hands to know the way.

They will now know nothing but freedom and will not be at the mercy of a farmer that would rather put a bullet in their skull than calling the vets.

We called them Waka, in memory of our fallen friend.

In every step we remember.

With every action, a new beginning.

For total liberation.”


Today marks a year since our comrade and friend Waka was killed by Daesh in Syria. Waka was the most incredible human. When I first met him in Hambacher Forst I already knew I was meeting someone who would leave a mark in my life. 

Over the time we knew each other we shared knowledge, we questioned the world and we planned the revolution. Waka, a fighter wherever he was, joined campaigns around Europe. From Hambi to Dipton, joining us in Sweden to sab hunters on ice and hitchhiking wherever he needed to go, he was resilient. but he wasn’t just a fighter. He was a teacher, he was a thinker, and most importantly, he was a friend. 

It isn’t very difficult to understand why Waka would join the YPG. He knew the risks, not only of fighting a war but of joining a group that, in the eyes of western governments, sits in a very fine line between a people’s guerrilla and a terrorist organisation. But for Waka, there wasn’t a greyscale of oppression. Waka understood that all struggles are interconnected and that every single one of them is as deserving of the fight as the others. He also understood that there is no replacement planet and that if we do not fight now, we are condemned forever. 

We make a post today, but today isn’t the day we remember. We remember Waka every day. We remember him asking questions that always have difficult answers, we remember him taking notes of those answers and we remember him joining the fight with a smile, with such a beautiful perspective of what that might look like. 

I will never forget how he talked me into understanding that lorry surfing in front of a coal mine was ten times better whilst wearing a newts onesie. “It just looks more fun for the children”, he said. 

I often try and remember his perspective on fighting. Unapologetic, yet tender. Fiery but understandable. The perfect example of the diversity of tactics. The perfect example of intersectional activism. 

We shouldn’t just remember or commemorate. Waka was one for odd ceremonies that sat between fun and seriousness. But he was one for taking action too. Make it your duty to keep fighting, every day, in his memory, and for a future without oppression. 

I miss you mate, and the world is a tad shittier without you. 

But we keep fighting. We must keep fighting. 

Martyrs never die.


“Last saturday we saw that a truck had arrived to our city, it was giving
away pieces of pig legs (ham) for people to eat for free, there was “Ham
Passion Tour” written all over it, so we decided to investigate online.

It turns out that this Tour is funded by the European Union, and its
objective is to promote the so called “mediterranean diet” by taking
this truck to several cities of the continent and the UK.

We saw this truck as a clear symbol of speciesism and exploitation, so we decided to throw some balloons filled with red paint at it, we also threw some leaflets explaining the reasons behind the action.

We know there are a lot of nice people that probably want to welcome the truck when it arrives to their area, so take a look at the map and dates of the tour, don’t miss a chance to greet it!


map of europe


September, Belgium.

received anonymously via email:

“Mons, Belgium, September 2019 : 6 miradors and 6 feeding points destroyed. It was really a hunting for sport zone.

More than one hundred of fence destroyed from a little area because we see one deer imprisoned.”

“Last week, a group of anti-speciesist activists supported individuals in borinage forests.

These people demolished six hunting stands, destroyed six feeding sites and opened a fence (over a distance of more than 100 metres), which prevented the free movement of the inhabitants in the forest. A deer has been sighted inside this private fenced perimeter (extension of an industrial space) where hunting is prohibited according to a sign.

This action follows another where activists have helped more than a hundred pheasants and partridges to regain their freedom, stolen at birth by breeders. They sabotaged several pens and equipment. Still in the Henuyère region.

Through these actions, these activists want to denounce the lie of hunting. Population regulation, feeding for winter survival, breeding to compensate for possible extinction of species…. Embellished lies so that a specialized industry can become richer and so that part of the population can murder non human people without worry or questioning.

How can we say “population control” when we are breeding them by the hundreds?

How can we say winter feeding when these sites are within range of “plugging” shots on the watchtower?

We call on all antispeciesists to leave their homes and act against all forms of speciesism. Because it is on every street corner, in the forests, in “animal” parks, in livestock farms…

Do not be spectators of speciesism anymore, fight against it, support all populations.

No one will regain their freedom through petitions or videos on social networks.

Our place is with them, with these people.
Together, let us act.”


27th September, France.

received anonymously via emai:

Last night, a group of anti-speciesist activists forcibly entered a battery of laying hens with about 200,000 animals.

After cutting the wire fence with pliers, and kicking down the door of a barn with a crowbar, the group allowed about twenty individuals to get out of this hell.

In different private sanctuaries, their lives begin from now on.

It is urgent to act, every life saved is precious and will definitely leave the specist system.

Their bodies will no longer be a resource of production, which a less profitable faith will end up in the plates of the unconscious.

You, anti-speciesists who read us, it is time to take your tools and force the doors of each farm, in order to get as many people as possible out. In order to attach to your angry words concrete actions that will have an impact on the animal people you will help to live.

We will come back, again and again, until the final animal liberation.