27th September, France.

received anonymously via emai:

Last night, a group of anti-speciesist activists forcibly entered a battery of laying hens with about 200,000 animals.

After cutting the wire fence with pliers, and kicking down the door of a barn with a crowbar, the group allowed about twenty individuals to get out of this hell.

In different private sanctuaries, their lives begin from now on.

It is urgent to act, every life saved is precious and will definitely leave the specist system.

Their bodies will no longer be a resource of production, which a less profitable faith will end up in the plates of the unconscious.

You, anti-speciesists who read us, it is time to take your tools and force the doors of each farm, in order to get as many people as possible out. In order to attach to your angry words concrete actions that will have an impact on the animal people you will help to live.

We will come back, again and again, until the final animal liberation.


23rd September, France.

received anonymously via email:

“On the night of Monday 23 to Tuesday, September 24, 2019, wild boar traps were dismounted with cutting pliers, by 2 activists in the Hauts de France.

Our duty is to protect them.
Freedoms for all.”


It is a busy time for us. Alongside Underground Badger Syndicate we are spending our days in the badger cull zones, disrupting shooters at night, looking for traps during the day and making sure that a little bit of the area is safe from murderous scum. 

For anyone that has not heard of it, the badger cull happens in the UK every year, attesting the wipe dead 70% of the badger population. They either cage trap them or shoot them in the open at night, and hundreds of people take the countryside as their playground to be a nuisance to farmers that are murdering badgers for the sake of it. 

It is a wet and miserable business, but it is also an incredible campaign and a very obvious example of how direct action saves lives. 

Sadly, it is also ridiculously time consuming and we are struggling to keep up with internet presence whilst the campaign is running. We have taken a day off to focus on scheduling posts to make sure we are active, but we will not be able to write every nuanced posts during the cull time. 

If you want to help during the cull there are many things you can do. You can Follow Stop the cull to ensure you know all the latest news and are able to join on internet pressure campaigns. You can get on the ground (either to smash stuff or to keep an eye on stuff, all levels of action are welcome). The best way of knowing where to go is to head to Badger Action Network and contact them with what your plans are. 

You can also follow and support Underground Badger Syndicate, our sister group focused on anti hunt direct action. They’ve lost their facebook page so they could do with a good injection of new followers.

Lastly, you can support us whilst we are working hard during the cull. Join our pattern page, buy some march our drop us some coins over PayPal. Everything is useful and needed.

Paypal: [email protected]