A group of folks are facing court in the UK at the end of the month on charges related to the animal liberation struggle.

Based on advice given by their solicitors, they do not wish to publicly explain their charges or potential outcomes, but they are facing a multi-week trial which means the expenses on travel and the loss of work will set them back enormously.

Whilst we wish we could share more about the case, it will be on them to talkabout it whenever they are adviced to do so and whenever they want to explain what’s been going on, but for now we are asking for donations to help them navigate the likely month and a half to two month process in courts.

There is a GoFundMe set up to raise funds, and whilst there was a very conservative first round of fundraising which was easily raised, they will be needing a lot more funds than that just to cover life and travel for the multiple weeks of trial, so please donate even if it has gone beyond the asking!

Show solidarity and ensure they know they are not alone. No one faces the state without solidarity, we are all fighting together!


Send them some coins, drop a comment sending solidarity or share the Gofundme around.



A Palestinian solidarity organization organized a demonstration on October 14th in central Stockholm, Sweden. The demonstration’s topic was “Demonstration against the genocide in Gaza – We stand in solidarity with Palestine and all children and civilians”

Lots of people came to the demonstration. There were thousands who gathered to show solidarity with Palestine, and express disgust at Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

[Photo of the demonstration in central Stockholm, in solidarity with Palestine]

It was a motley crowd that gathered in support of Palestine. Besides the majority of pro Palestinian folks, there were party political liberals, revolutionary communists, and of course various anti-authoritarian activists, that participated in the demonstration.

About twenty Nazis also appeared at the demonstration. The Nazis had banners with messages about crushing Zionism. If the Nazis had thought they would be welcomed at the demo, they were quickly taught how wrong they had been. When the Nazis began to speak, the rest of the protesters turned their backs on them. The situation got heated. The Nazis were obviously outnumbered, scared and started leave the demonstration. Several of the demonstrators wanted to help the nazis on their way, the crowd began chanting “No Nazis on our streets,” a classic anti-fascist slogan, and it wasn’t long before the chant echoed throughout the square.

As usual, the cops had to come to the Nazis rescue. Although the police tried to escort the scum away from the demo, pro Palestinian demonstrators and anti-fascists made sure the pack quickly left. The police are not our friends. We keep ourselves safe!

[ Nazis being escorted out of demo, cops protecting Nazis]

Once the Nazis had left the demo, and reassembled at their gathering place, they found the next unpleasant surprise. A parting gift from anti-fascists. The Nazi’s cars had been sabotaged, which made it difficult for them to leave Stockholm (despite trying to gather a large group, the Nazis only managed to be about 20 people, and many of the participants were travelers, who had a long journey to and from Stockholm).

[Image of the nazis trying reassemble after the demo, with text: ”Nice to come to broken cars after a long day in town”, published by AFA Stockholm]

We are excited to hear about the resistance against the Nazis in Sweden, about the strong support for Palestine. We also heard about fascists in other cities, eg London, who have tried to participate in solidarity actions for Palestine. However, without success, as anti-fascists have thrown them out. To be pro Palestine is to be against oppression. Fascists are never allowed on our streets!

[Image, published by London Anti-Fascist Assembly, about fascists trying to show up at solidarity demo for Palestine]



10th July, France.

[VIDEO REPORT BY @lucie_aragon]

“It’s with rage and determination that we headed back to the slaughterhouses – which have been the target of the 269LA collective for the past 8 years – and once again grabbed our crowbars to rescue 100 individuals from death in an industrial slaughterhouse !

We have been preparing this direct action for months to ensure its success, as it is difficult to liberate so many animals without being seen or heard.

Slaughterhouses are becoming more and more secure, but we have an overflowing imagination and we’re developing effective plans.

We were 25 comrades from all over Europe, who shared the same story, the one that 269LA writes with its radical theory and practice. The real “nightmare” we’ve been living since almost a year [* An important explanation of the situation can be found in the 296la’s profile] has strengthened our bonds and given rise to a new, closer-knit community, made up of comrades linked by militant acts, friendships, memories of past actions and the determination to revolt.

Because 269LA was born from the blood of slaughterhouses and from the soil of its sanctuary, we were truly reminded of what we are capable of doing together.

After 42 direct actions, which have ignited so many revolutionary sparks and led hundreds of comrades towards direct action, we remembered this beautiful and powerful history and decided that we won’t let it end.

269LA’s contribution has been to shed light on animal exploitation as a social and historical phenomenon, a system of domination in its own right, and to use offensive struggle practices that target its structures. And the animal cause is one of the struggles where the question of the immensity of the task at hand is particularly acute, and thus where reflection on the meaning and the form of political action is most developed.

Since its creation, our collective has liberated nearly 2400 oppressed animals. All these comrades live today in our sanctuary and friendly sanctuaries in Europe.

Please support us”

Find 269la: IG @269.liberation_animale


October, Midlands UK

received anonynously via email:

“As millions of turkeys are soon to be massacred, all in the name of ‘celebration’, we saved three individuals who would have been killed for a Christmas dinner.

We could see the scumbag farmers settling in to go to bed. We watched as they turned out their lights, not knowing that they were being spied on. We waited until we knew we would be able to safely save the lives of three birds.

We crept towards the shed, popped the lock off the door and saw hundreds of turkeys. Knowing that we could only take three, it was difficult leaving the others behind.

This action will not change the world, but it will change the world of these three turkeys.

Fuck celebrating violent holidays like ‘Thanksgiving’ with more violence. Fuck acting like Christmas is a time to be kind when it’s plagued with blood and suffering. Go smash those cages. Go liberate who you can. We must fight against this oppressive system.

To the three individuals who were rescued: you will now know peace, love and respect. You will be given everything you desire to lead a fulfilling life. We hope that your siblings find a way out too.”


Every year, Undergrpund Badger Syndicate spends 6-8 weeks sabotaging the badger cull day and night without breaks.

They go out looking for cage traps where badgers would be locked over night after eating peanuts so a farmer coming in the morning can shoot them dead.

Over the years, Britain has killed 200k badgers during the cull. They aim to annihilate 70% of the badger population. Sabotaging the badger cull is not just an act of resistance, not just a life saving action, it also is a training ground for people from around the globe to get comfortable with operating in a group, thinking strategically, using maps, radios, night vision equipment and so much more.

This year, Underground Badger Syndicate has been facing some exorbitant costs due to unexpected vehicle issues which have meant they have struggled to keep paying for fuel and other expenses during their most critical time of the year.

We have teamed up with four artists from around the globe to produce some very cute small prints to support UBS. Thank you @Maedmack.art @artivism_by_d_ @matt_made_this @praxis_vgz for their support.

Three of the designs are a6 size, and one is square but of the same dimensions. We firstly intended to print them as postcards, but due to some printer issues the paper is too thin, so they will serve very well as framed pictures or they can be sent as a postcard if you put them inside an envelope!

We are selling the pack of 4 prints for £5.

All profits made will go directly to UBS.

PS: please note that UBS is in need of immediate funds but we are buay at UA currently, so all orders received now will be posted at the end of the month.



Palestinians are attacking Israel and defending themselves. They are breaking free from their open air prison and taking back land. The Israeli occupation forces are responding by dropping bombs on Gaza, destroying Palestinian homes, infrastructure and killing hundreds of civilians.

There are several ways to help if you want to support the Palestinian struggle. One way is to support Palestine Action, the direct action network to bring down the Israeli arms trade. Palestine Action takes direct action against arms factories, which sell weapons and war materials to Israel in the UK. As the Israeli military weakens, the Palestinians can fight harder.

Palestine Action has several trials this winter. Activists are in need of support, to cover court costs, possible fines and damages. Support Palestine Action by donating to their defense fund. The fundraiser has almost reached its goal.


Palestine Action Defence Fund: https://www.palestineaction.org/defence-fund/


Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

An easy and cheap way to make a big, slightly crusty banner for a drop involves visiting some charity shops and getting those lovely second-hand bedsheets. Sow them together till you have the desired size, and start planning out the spacing of your message.

If you’re concerned about spacing your words properly, you can use a projector. Set up your banner on a wall and put the projector in front of it with whatever word you want to write. Now you can outline it and move on, so your comrades can fill in the letters whilst you outline the next word!

Once that’s done, sow a strip of fabric along what will be the bottom inside of your banner so that you can thread a rope through it. It should create some sort of “sleve” with holes on either side of the banner. If your banner is very long, consider having more gaps in the sleeve and threading shorter bits of ropes, so you can distribute the weight evenly across the whole banner.

You’ll use the sleeve to tie the weights to keep the banner from flying around and making the message unreadable. For weights, you can fill large plastic bottles with gravel, sand, or water. Make sure you securely tie them to the rope so they are not at risk of detaching and falling on anything or anyone.

Make holes along the top of your banner so that you can fasten the top of the banner with rope or cable ties to your desired location.  Be sure the holes aren’t too close to the edge of the banner as doing so runs the risk of easy rips. Also, ensure your cable ties are heavy duty. We’ve all been there, with a huge banner, trying to attach it whilst the wind is fighting us, just to find out the zip ties are just breaking at the smallest of force!

Sometimes size really does matter. Have fun you artsy bastards. But purely doing legal things, we’d never suggest you do anything naughty.


It’s been almost a year since Strefi hill became a construction site guarded by cops 24/7. It’s been almost a year since the municipality has been trying to take away anything that is wild and free on the hill. The real estate company Prodea Investments and Unison entered Strefi on October 3rd 2022 with “redevelopment plans”.

Of course, their plans did not restore any of the hill’s problems, but caused more instead. Flooding and the corrosion of the soil are the main problems of the hill. As you can see in the pictures, even after a small amount of rain, everything is falling apart after Prodea’s flood protection project and the excavations for underground lighting and CCTV networks. The majority of the plants that hold the hill together have been eradicated. 

In August, a machine eradicated the endemic protected species “Silene spinescens.” Comrades attempted to stop it, but they were once again threatened with prosecution. All the non-human inhabitants, are facing big difficulties to survive. Their nests have been destroyed, and they have started looking for food in the city. The result is one young tortoise dead by a car few days ago, a lot of them are missing (a protected species among them) and one of them got a broken shell probably by a bulldozer. The number of the dead tortoises would be bigger if people didn’t put water for them during summer. We cannot let them continue killing the life of the Hill.

It’s been almost 3 years of assemblies, events, protests, marches, clashes, in defence of Strefi hill! We will continue until the hill and the neighbourhood of Exarchia are free again.

Our fight is for freedom, life and nature.



11th September, Frankfurt Germany.

via: sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!

“The International Motor Show (IAA) was held in Munich last week. At this summer show, all manner of multinationals were once again able to show off their gleaming, beautiful cars and congratulate themselves on their economic success in their air-conditioned conference rooms, limousines and exhibition halls.

At the same time, this summer has once again been full of fires. In Rhodes. In Portugal. In Maui (island of Hawaii). At the same time, many people’s homes were flooded. In Slovenia and Austria.
Many people’s lives were shattered. These deadly catastrophes have many causes, and the IAA is just one of them. We say Switch off the system of destruction!

So we torched a few new Tesla cars this evening in Frankfurt. In salute to the Munich protests. One of many attacks on the destructive automotive industry.

Tesla is one of our greatest enemies. This company represents better than any other the ideology of green capitalism and the pursuit of global and colonial destruction. Electric motors are constantly presented as the clean alternative. This is a cynical lie. Like other companies, Tesla exploits resources all over the world. The raw materials needed for electric car batteries, such as lithium and cobalt, are mined in Latin America or Africa under miserable conditions. Despite the pretty green paint job, fossil fuels are used to transport and extract them.

All this is linked to the oppression of indigenous communities, whose resistance must spur us to action.

Tesla accepts all this in order to produce cars that can slither through city centers. Which will show day after day that there is wealth to be had. But not for everyone. According to Tesla’s logic, only a few are entitled to own such cars. It’s a question of class that determines who drives or has the right to drive these cars.

This time, in a show of resistance, we attacked a parking lot housing Teslas for sale. Often, and just about everywhere, it’s Teslas belonging to private individuals that are hit, when it’s not the construction of its factories that are sabotaged, as in Berlin-Grünheide. All these acts are important to damage this group. Not only economically, but above all politically. To show that we don’t agree with the green lies, the plundering of raw materials or the cities and roads that belong only to the rich. In our opinion, these poisoners must pay a high price!

Tesla is part of a conglomerate of groups owned by Elon Musk. His patriarchal fantasies are apparently inexhaustible. He is one of those people who want to dominate the Internet, space, new technologies and artificial intelligence, and seems to know no limits to his fantasies of domination.

SpaceX, for example, is a company that wants to create more resources, rockets and spaceships to make space a vacation destination for the rich and advance the idea of one day inhabiting Mars. The appropriation and subjugation of territories for capitalism continues, all the way to Mars. A dystopia that speaks volumes.

As for the neurotechnology company Neuralink, its aim is to link the human brain to machines. They are experimenting on animals to see how thought flows can be read. In the long term, this is claimed to be used for curing diseases.

But like SpaceX and Tesla, Neuralink also aspires to a longer-term perspective, in which individuals have a different value. In which some people have a right to a better life in the midst of the ecological catastrophe that is already upon us. Incorporating certain thoughts and ideas into the development of AI can only give rise to a deeply racist technology.

Some may claim that their electric cars are not responsible for the destruction of the world’s ecosystems, exploitation and displacement of populations. Some grant themselves the right to be blind to their privilege of colonial and ecological destruction. We must destroy these patriarchal and colonialist conceptions of the future. They are the enemy of a world and a way of life that are ecological and based on solidarity.

Greetings to all those on the run and in prison!
Switch Off – the system of destruction!”


30th September, Puente Alto Chile.

Editor’s note: Since receiving this article, we have been told that whilst many fire engines had to work on extinguishing the fire, police and press are silencing this action, having published nothing about it. They are probably trying to handle the heat of Celula Insurreccional por el Maipo receiving more attention when they already made international headlines last year due to an arson at an amazon facility.

[Photo is a placeholder. The single photo that was sent with the report is very blurry and can be seen below]

ENGLISH (translated):


On the night of Saturday, September 30, we successfully attacked the Cordillera slaughterhouse and meat packing plant, setting fire to part of its infrastructure and logistics, aiming to cause as much damage as possible with the care and confidence that there were no live animals in the place. With this attack we sought to sabotage the production and transport of the slaughterhouse and the supply line of butcher shops, both belonging to the DINACAR holding, which is also dedicated to the breeding of pigs (Porky/Viña Vieja) and cows (chain of farms “Viento Sur”), thus completing the chain of the industry of death from beginning to end.

This is not merely an anti-speciesist action but also a direct attack on the existing power relations in projects like this one, where we can see the precariousness of the territories where they are located, generating pollution, degrading the quality of life of the environment; extractivism, present in the direct use of the waters of the Maipo and its subsequent return of dirty water; and the capitalist logics that commodify and trade in life, exploiting everything that can generate profits.

We are not heroes, we are enemies of all forms of domination, embracing attack as a concrete practice that materializes our anarchist desires to live without cages or oppression for anyone. Antispeciesism requires attack, leaving behind victimhood and its inaction!

We continue taking direct action and consolidating and expanding the conflict for land, both urban and rural.

We salute the territories resisting against progress and capital, and those who materialize animal liberation through fire and/or the erection of spaces of anti-speciesist solidarity known as sanctuaries.

Fire to traditions and to speciesist culture!

Through this action we send revolutionary hugs to our comrades Monica and Francisco, prisoners of the Susaron case and prisoners of the gendarmerie case.

Anarchist, subversive and Mapuche prisoners: free them all!

An end the sentences of the military justice!

In memory of Emilia Bau and all comrades killed in the struggle for animal and land liberation.

Free Maipo.

For anarchy, for the earth, for our lives!

Celula insurreccional por el Maipo – Nueva Subversion.”

SPANISH (original):


La noche del sábado 30 de septiembre atacamos con éxito la faenadora y frigorífico cordillera, incendiando parte de su infraestructura y logística, apostando a generar el mayor daño posible con la precaución y certeza de que no hubiesen animales vivxs en el lugar. Con este ataque buscamos sabotear la producción y transporte de la faenadora y frigorífico cordillera, linea de abastecimiento de carnicerías “productor”, ambas pertenecientes al holding DINACAR, el cual se dedica también a la crianza de cerdos (Criadero Porky/Viña Vieja) y vacas (cadena de granjas “Viento Sur”), completando así la cadena de la industria de muerte de principio a fin.

Esta no es solo una acción antiespecista sino también un ataque directo a las relaciones de poder existentes en proyectos como éste, donde se dejan ver la precarización de los territorios donde se ubican, generando contaminación odorífica, degradando con esto la calidad de vida del entorno; el extractivismo, presente en el uso directo de las aguas del maipo y su posterior devolución de aguas tratadas; y las lógicas capitalistas que mercantilizan y cosifican la vida, explotando todo lo que pueda generar ganancias.

No somos héroes ni iluminadxs, somos antagonistas de toda forma de dominación, abrazando la ofensiva como una práctica concreta que materializa nuestros deseos anárquicos de vivir sin jaulas ni dominación para nadie. ¡El antiespecismo requiere de la ofensiva, dejando atrás el eterno victimismo y su inacción!

Seguimos desde la acción directa consolidando y expandiendo el conflicto por la tierra, tanto en lo urbano como en lo rural.

Saludamos a los territorios en resistencia contra el progreso y el capital, y a quienes materializan la liberación animal desde el fuego y/o el levantamiento de espacios de solidaridad antiespecista conocidos como santuarios.

Fuego a las tradiciones y la cultura especista!!

Abrazamos mediante esta acción a lxs compañerxs Mónica y Francisco, presxs del caso susaron y presxs del caso gendarmería.

Presxs anarquistas, subversivxs y mapuche: a la calle!!

Fin a las condenas de la justicia militar!!

En memoria de Emilia Bau y todxs lxs compañerxs muertxs en la lucha por la liberación animal y de la tierra.

Maipo libre.

¡Por la anarquía, por la tierra, por nuestras vidas!

Célula insurreccional por el Maipo – Nueva Subversión.