Mountain Valley Pipeline is a 303 mile long natural gas pipeline  from northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia that began construction in 2018 that has been, and continues to be, resisted through lawsuits, tree-sits, aerial blockades, walk-ons, lockdowns, car barricades, and most recently sabotage and arson. 

In July the supreme court filed an emergency order ruling the immediate resumption of the construction of the pipeline and dismissing existing litigation.
In September a judge granted temporary injunction against six protestors, barring them from returning to the site.

Machinery sabotage and arson has taken place in these three months, and the most recent communique A CALL TO WAR AGAINST THE PIPELINE says

“we believe that mvp is financially precarious and can still be stopped through relentless destructive actions, alongside the scaling-up of the existing campaign to cause disruptions and delays. to this end, we call upon like-minded individuals and groups to travel to so-called virginia and west virginia to inflict maximum economic damage against mvp by any means at your disposal. we must demoralize the enemy and prove that their project is doomed to never be completed. A map of the pipeline showing incomplete water crossings can be found at […] We have seen campaign after campaign fail to stop pipelines over the past decade, and we cannot afford to keep losing.[…] and are good starting points to find information on various arson and sabotage techniques.
[…]the only way to stop the deterioration of the climate from getting exponentially worse is to immediately halt the expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to shut down and dismantle existing infrastructure. wherever you live, there’s a pipeline near you that you can go shut off yourself.”


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The intensive badger cull is in full motion and though no new zones have been authorised, 29 will continue across in England which could result in up to 24,000 murdered in September and October on top of the 210,000 already killed since it began in 2013. However, saboteurs and activists, acting on intelligence and data from previous years, were on hand to take action to prevent killing and protect local populations. Derbyshire Against The Cull were the first to publish their disruption of free-shooting, where the wild animals are shot at night, and was soon followed by cage traps being destroyed by Underground Badger Syndicate. Multiple hunt sabotage groups from across the country have also been active day and night. Though the scale of the cull is bleak, the survival of consistently targeted setts reaffirms the importance of localised action.

Anti-cull action will continue throughout October but cannot be done without support. Many are active night and day, seven days a week. Fuel costs alone are enough to determine how active they can be so donations of any size can help go a long way. Underground Badger Syndicate specifically have set up a fund raiser for their continuous efforts throughout the cull. Tip-off’s are also incredibly important. Though there are groups and individuals specifically dedicated to the cause, anyone can make a difference simply by checking their local badger sett. You never know what you may find, including other items of wildlife destruction nearby as seen by Manchester Hunt Sabs.

The Llandeilo Farmers Hunt have disbanded following financial pressure and a lack of support from landowners. This is a reminder of how important these two factors are for the sustainability of a hunt. It was noted that the hunt attracted very few mounted riders, which is an essential stream of income, and what riders they did have were likely put off by the presence of South Wales Hunt Saboteurs. Some hunts sabotage themselves through their own actions. For example, last season the huntsman was evicted by an angry landowner as the hounds chased his sheep. Events like this act as nails to a hunts coffin. Sabotaging a hunt like this, on top of saving wildlife on the day, can also add further nails to their coffin. Some hunts may seem fair from the possibility of disbanding but, as seen by a recent confirmed amalgamation of the East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt with the South Down & Eridge Hunt in England, even hunts with a history of violence and police backing can fall. It was also announced that the Ecclesfield Beagles have folded, a Hare hunt who had famously been the target of a raid by the Animal Liberation Front in the 1980s.

Throughout September, hunt sabotage groups across the UK have been active in disrupting efforts of hunts in training new hounds against fox cubs and leverets, often taking place in the early hours of the morning, with many active during multiple days of the week. This training process is vital for the main hunting season and, when left unchallenged, often results in multiple wild animals being killed during a single hunt meet. The efforts made by saboteurs not only has saved many lives, it also creates complications for the training process which may be detrimental for hunting during the upcoming main hunting season. This month has been extremely busy for groups as, in addition to this, have also been organising and taking part in fundraisers, recruiting new members and taking part in other action such as the badger cull. Donations and messages of support are always appreciated and help with expenses and keeping spirits high.


September 25th, Portland, Oregon, USA

received anonymously via email:

“No one owns the forest!

Overnight, a group of anarchists attacked the World Forestry Center museum and its conference building next door, destroying doors, windows, and the museum’s glass facade before dissapearing into the darkness. The Center is set to host the “Who Will Own the Forest?” conference September 26th-28th. The conference brings together “landowners, asset managers, investors, forest industry executives” and other vampires to plan and adapt their plundering of the forests for capitalist growth.

To truly defend the forests requires the destruction of capitalism altogether. Knowing there can be no dialogue with what must be destroyed, we turn to the attack.

We hope the damage presents an obstacle to the conference going as planned. Though we don’t mind the ambience of broken glass and missing windows, we expect the industry executives might!

Love to those fighting against Cop City, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and their world!”


Due to years of medical neglect in prison, Eric is currently suffering from health problems. We hope Eric gets better soon, that he is released and can get the medical help he needs. Eric release from federal prison is set for February 2024.

If you want to support Eric, you can help him start his life outside prison walls by donating to his release fund, which is close to reaching its goal.

A while ago Eric wrote a text about ABC Running Down the Walls. The text is an important reminder of the value of prisoner support. In Eric’s own words:

“I give the biggest solidarity and warmest hugs to all those who in any way do what they can to help those inside. No matter the custody level or length of the bid, prison exposes you to the worst society has to offer, and the people who care expose us to the best. Thank you all for caring. I hope the weather is nice!”

Solidarity forever!