Mountain Valley Pipeline is a 303 mile long natural gas pipeline  from northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia that began construction in 2018 that has been, and continues to be, resisted through lawsuits, tree-sits, aerial blockades, walk-ons, lockdowns, car barricades, and most recently sabotage and arson. 

In July the supreme court filed an emergency order ruling the immediate resumption of the construction of the pipeline and dismissing existing litigation.
In September a judge granted temporary injunction against six protestors, barring them from returning to the site.

Machinery sabotage and arson has taken place in these three months, and the most recent communique A CALL TO WAR AGAINST THE PIPELINE says

“we believe that mvp is financially precarious and can still be stopped through relentless destructive actions, alongside the scaling-up of the existing campaign to cause disruptions and delays. to this end, we call upon like-minded individuals and groups to travel to so-called virginia and west virginia to inflict maximum economic damage against mvp by any means at your disposal. we must demoralize the enemy and prove that their project is doomed to never be completed. A map of the pipeline showing incomplete water crossings can be found at […] We have seen campaign after campaign fail to stop pipelines over the past decade, and we cannot afford to keep losing.[…] and are good starting points to find information on various arson and sabotage techniques.
[…]the only way to stop the deterioration of the climate from getting exponentially worse is to immediately halt the expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to shut down and dismantle existing infrastructure. wherever you live, there’s a pipeline near you that you can go shut off yourself.”

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