A Palestinian solidarity organization organized a demonstration on October 14th in central Stockholm, Sweden. The demonstration’s topic was “Demonstration against the genocide in Gaza – We stand in solidarity with Palestine and all children and civilians”

Lots of people came to the demonstration. There were thousands who gathered to show solidarity with Palestine, and express disgust at Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

[Photo of the demonstration in central Stockholm, in solidarity with Palestine]

It was a motley crowd that gathered in support of Palestine. Besides the majority of pro Palestinian folks, there were party political liberals, revolutionary communists, and of course various anti-authoritarian activists, that participated in the demonstration.

About twenty Nazis also appeared at the demonstration. The Nazis had banners with messages about crushing Zionism. If the Nazis had thought they would be welcomed at the demo, they were quickly taught how wrong they had been. When the Nazis began to speak, the rest of the protesters turned their backs on them. The situation got heated. The Nazis were obviously outnumbered, scared and started leave the demonstration. Several of the demonstrators wanted to help the nazis on their way, the crowd began chanting “No Nazis on our streets,” a classic anti-fascist slogan, and it wasn’t long before the chant echoed throughout the square.

As usual, the cops had to come to the Nazis rescue. Although the police tried to escort the scum away from the demo, pro Palestinian demonstrators and anti-fascists made sure the pack quickly left. The police are not our friends. We keep ourselves safe!

[ Nazis being escorted out of demo, cops protecting Nazis]

Once the Nazis had left the demo, and reassembled at their gathering place, they found the next unpleasant surprise. A parting gift from anti-fascists. The Nazi’s cars had been sabotaged, which made it difficult for them to leave Stockholm (despite trying to gather a large group, the Nazis only managed to be about 20 people, and many of the participants were travelers, who had a long journey to and from Stockholm).

[Image of the nazis trying reassemble after the demo, with text: ”Nice to come to broken cars after a long day in town”, published by AFA Stockholm]

We are excited to hear about the resistance against the Nazis in Sweden, about the strong support for Palestine. We also heard about fascists in other cities, eg London, who have tried to participate in solidarity actions for Palestine. However, without success, as anti-fascists have thrown them out. To be pro Palestine is to be against oppression. Fascists are never allowed on our streets!

[Image, published by London Anti-Fascist Assembly, about fascists trying to show up at solidarity demo for Palestine]


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