Every year, Undergopund Badger Syndicate spends 6-8 weeks sabotaging the badger cull day and night without breaks.

They go out looking for cage traps where badgers would be locked over night after eating peanuts so a farmer coming in the morning can shoot them dead.

Over the years, Britain has killed 200k badgers during the cull. They aim to annihilate 70% of the badger population. Sabotaging the badger cull is not just an act of resistance, not just a life saving action, it also is a training ground for people from around the globe to get comfortable with operating in a group, thinking strategically, using maps, radios, night vision equipment and so much more.

This year, Underground Badger Syndicate has been facing some exorbitant costs due to unexpected vehicle issues which have meant they have struggled to keep paying for fuel and other expenses during their most critical time of the year.

We have teamed up with four artists from around the globe to produce some very cute small prints to support UBS. Thank you @Maedmack.art @artivism_by_d_ @matt_made_this @praxis_vgz for their support.

Three of the designs are a6 size, and one is square but of the same dimensions. We firstly intended to print them as postcards, but due to some printer issues the paper is too thin, so they will serve very well as framed pictures or they can be sent as a postcard if you put them inside an envelope!

We are selling the pack of 4 prints for £5 and all profits made will go directly to UBS.

PS: please note that UBS is in need of immediate funds but we are buay at UA currently, so all orders received now will be posted at the end of the month.


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