Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

An easy and cheap way to make a big, slightly crusty banner for a drop involves visiting some charity shops and getting those lovely second-hand bedsheets. Sow them together till you have the desired size, and start planning out the spacing of your message.

If you’re concerned about spacing your words properly, you can use a projector. Set up your banner on a wall and put the projector in front of it with whatever word you want to write. Now you can outline it and move on, so your comrades can fill in the letters whilst you outline the next word!

Once that’s done, sow a strip of fabric along what will be the bottom inside of your banner so that you can thread a rope through it. It should create some sort of “sleve” with holes on either side of the banner. If your banner is very long, consider having more gaps in the sleeve and threading shorter bits of ropes, so you can distribute the weight evenly across the whole banner.

You’ll use the sleeve to tie the weights to keep the banner from flying around and making the message unreadable. For weights, you can fill large plastic bottles with gravel, sand, or water. Make sure you securely tie them to the rope so they are not at risk of detaching and falling on anything or anyone.

Make holes along the top of your banner so that you can fasten the top of the banner with rope or cable ties to your desired location.  Be sure the holes aren’t too close to the edge of the banner as doing so runs the risk of easy rips. Also, ensure your cable ties are heavy duty. We’ve all been there, with a huge banner, trying to attach it whilst the wind is fighting us, just to find out the zip ties are just breaking at the smallest of force!

Sometimes size really does matter. Have fun you artsy bastards. But purely doing legal things, we’d never suggest you do anything naughty.

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