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Toilets are essential infrastructure that we don’t often think about. When they are busted it can be incredibly disruptive and costly.

Imagine you want to trash your own toilet, I imagine many of you have blocked your toilet before. Well what if you wanted to block your toilet again but in a way that was not fixable?

Hydraulic cement is a type of cement that sets quickly once in contact with water. People have permanently destroyed toilets with hydraulic cement using a simple method. They take nylon socks or tights and using a funnel fill them with about a fistful of hydraulic cement, something available at most hardware stores. They then tie a knot and store one or more in a plastic bag as the powder will leak through the nylon. They walk into their own toilet, not animal abusing giant McDonald’s or union busting Starbucks, their own toilet. Given CCTV is so prevalent in your own home and folks don’t want family to know they’ve ruined the loo people have been known to ditch their standard attire instead dressing in ‘normal’ looking clothes they got from the charity shop and will dispose of after. There’s a tendency to wear hats or a wig and covid mask to stay as unidentifiable as possible.

Once in the cubicle they get the makeshift cement powder ball wet and either push it into the pipe in the toilet bowl using the toilet brush or their hand wearing a washing up glove, or no glove if you are a particularly disturbed individual. Once they’ve ensured its properly wedged into the pipe they leave the stall without flushing.

You’re gonna end up with a huge bill now and might even need to move temporarily given the lack of usable toilets.

The toilet might be the pressure point you never thought of. We strongly advise that you only mess with your toilet and never anyone else’s.

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