Below is the collective communique published by the folks jailed after the arson at a meat packaging plant in Chile. Remember that you can support them by sending letters to: [email protected] and that you can donate to their fund on

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On November 3, 2022, we are detained by the BIPE in different territories, our houses are raided, accusing us of arson in an inhabited place, with danger to people. Due to the fire that affected the Susaron branch on September 19, 2022, resulting in the burning of its sales room, refrigerators and trucks, causing millions of dollars in damages.

On November 4, we went to detention control, where we were charged with the crime of arson and possession of ammunition, the butcher shop and the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint.

We were remanded in custody for 70 days while the investigation lasted.

Time that has been extended by the prosecutor until today, almost 7 months, due to the seriousness of the crime and the penalty that this deserves according to the penal code, which is around 15 to 20 years.

In these long months, we have gone through various emotions and feelings. Confronting the reality of every prisoner, facing the blow that prison generates in your habits and close circle. Keeping indeclinably the conviction and courage that led us to these cages. Living in our own flesh what millions of animals around the world live. A forced and arbitrary captivity. Violence and aggression. Based on the decision of a judge. In their case; the judge is the accepted human logic that sees them as things or inferior.

We do not regret our ideas and the steps that lead us to our becoming.
There is no wall, gendarme or bar, that makes us stop sustaining that animal liberation is a fundamental pillar of any anarchic or libertarian conception. And that in that glow, the active hands of those who embrace the idea against authority are primordial.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are still at war!
For the fall of this and any society! Social-anti-social war!
Animal liberation! Total liberation! Under any consequence and affected.
Tony hermanx peluditx presente!!!

Vegan straight edge anarcho nihilist prisoners susaron case.

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