24th April, Wallers France.

originally published in Attaque.

According to local newspapers, a hunting lodge was completely destroyed by arson.

At about 4:30 pm, people walking up the Hérin road that connects in the fields Wallers-Arenberg to Bellaing called the fire department to report a fire.

Six firemen from the Anzin fire station intervened to contain the fire, which only took ten minutes using a single small hose. The room that caught fire was a metal container that the hunters of the Moulin des Fourches used as a kind of club house to rest and eat during their hunting trips.

The container is totally destroyed, as well as the furniture that was inside: table, chairs, sofa, gas stove. According to the firemen, this fire is obviously criminal.

Christophe Demarque, the former gamekeeper, who was present at the scene, confirms that this is not the first time that acts of vandalism have been committed against the premises. Ironically, the container was to be moved in July. “Now, there is nothing left to do but to scrap it,” he says.


The New York Anarchist Black Cross has published an up to date list of USA political prisoners and USA prisoners of war, alongside their charges and addresses to which you can send letters.

In the list, as well as Earth Liberation folks like Jessica and Marius, there are prisoners locked up for their work on black liberation, anarchist action and anti-police action. Every single one of those people listed was locked up because of their involvement in the fight for a better world. Some of them have been behind bars for decades, and all of them deserve support and solidarity.

We would love for you to have a look at their list, choose a couple of people and write a little something to send them a letter. It doesn’t need to be something very profound, you can talk to them about your day or your favourite place in the world. Describe to them a good walk with a dog companion, your favourite restaurant or that time you almost got caught dumpster diving behind the apple store!

Many folks celebrate the anonymous reports that Unoffensive Animal publishes, but only a small percentage of those will write a letter to a prisoner, who could’ve once upon a time sent one of those anonymous reports! So today is the day, write a letter to someone locked up, help them open a window to the outside! 

If you have a group of friends, why not organise a letter writting evening? Meet up, have some snacks and write letters to multiple prisoners that then you can combine postage for. Makes things extra easy!

Check the NY ABC prisoner list here:



7th May, South of France.

received anonymously via email:


“In the south of France, ALF members broke into a hunting lodge where animals are murdered, hung by their legs and butchered as if their lives were worthless.

The premises were heavily damaged, furniture, beds, oven, water supply; we tagged on the walls inside and outside. We smashed the alcohol bottles… Yes, hunters are alcoholics authorized to use firearms.

Hanging system removed, all the tools used to cut the animals was also taken away; water system punctured and trophies or hunting plates removed and stolen.

A hunting house like so many others to destroy.

Don’t think, don’t reflect, ACT as a citizen or member of an activist group.



“En France dans le sud, les membres d ALF se sont introduits dans un relais de chasse ou les animaux sont assassinés, pendus par les pattes et dépecés comme si leur vie ne valait rien.

Locaux fortement détériorés, meubles, lits, four, arrivée d’eau ; tags sur les murs dedans et dehors. Destruction de bouteilles d’alcool, … Oui les chasseurs sont des alcooliques autorisés à utiliser des armes à feu.

Système de pendaison retiré, tout le matériel servant à découper les animaux a été également subtilisé ; système d’eau crevé et trophées ou plaques de chasse retirés, volés.

Une maison de chasse comme tant d’autres à détruire.

Ne pensez pas, ne réfléchissez pas, AGISSEZ en tant que citoyen ou membre d’un groupe d’activistes.



1st May, Hartberg-Fürstenfeld Austria.

According to local hunting newspapers, an 84 year old hunter was severely injured after attempting to repair a previously sabotaged hunting tower.

The hunter, who was on top of the tower, fell injuring himself in the process. After screaming for about two hours and seeing that no one was going to help, he dragged himself to his tractor and drove home, where his wife found him unconscious still sitting on the tractor.

He had to be airlifted to a hospital due to the severity of the injury but the latest reports say that he is no longer at risk.


1st May, Mineappolis USA.

originally piblished by Scenes From The Atlanta Forest:

“Employees arriving to work this morning at the Fridley office of Atlas Technical Consultants found a mess. Every window of the building had been smashed out, buckets of paint had been thrown inside the office, and the front was redecorated to read “FUCK COP CITY, DEFEND THE ATL FOREST.”

This attack was carried out in response to a call for a May 1st day of action, put out by our friends in Atlanta. Atlas Technical Consultants is the owner of Long Engineering, who are active participants in the ill-fated attempt at the destruction of the Atlanta forest.

Brasfield & Gorrie, as well as their subcontractors, should take note that there will be consequences for encroachment on the forest in the service of cop city and Hollywood dystopia. Atlas should realize that this endeavor *will not* be worth the trouble.

To our friends in Atlanta, we’re inspired by your bravery and resourcefulness. We want you to know whatever you’re with, Minneapolis is with it. You’re showing the world what a decentralized composition of struggle can accomplish, and developing the force required to confront cop city and whatever is next. Atlanta will remain a forest.

With love,

– Recieved anonymously over Email”

Photo unrelated to the action.


1st May, Pittsburg USA.

originally published by Abolition Media:

“On the night of May Day, I realized I hadn’t really done anything to welcome the coming of spring, and so I decided to smash out the windows of a Bank of America here in Pittsburgh.

I wanted to contribute this small gesture of solidarity with the frontliners currently facing down the fucking disgusting projects that the bank is funding: the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline on unceded Wet’su’weten land, and “cop city” in the Atlanta Forest.

Solidarity means attack.

Death to civilization!
Long live anarchy!
Happy May Day!

– some kid

Received by email.

Note: photo not associated with the action.


NAALPO has released a very comprehensive compilation of fires at meat processing plants, butchershops and slaughterhouses in North America in the last 18 months that is worth having a look at. Whilst it is difficult to determine if this is the result of animal liberation activists without anonymous claims of responsibility, there is no doubt that the animal abusers are feeling the heat!

originally published by NAALPO:

“Below are some selected news stories from the last 16 months; no claims by activists for any of these fires have been received as of yet by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office.

April 13, 2022: CONWAY, NH—Firefighters from several departments in Maine helped battle a massive fire that destroyed a butcher shop and meat market in Center Conway, New Hampshire. The fire broke out Monday night at East Conway Beef & Pork and crews spent 16 hours at the scene. Flames engulfed the building and crews were not able to save any of it. Crews used excavators to pull down what little was still standing and to help move the debris to allow firefighters to douse hotspots. Investigators from the New Hampshire Fire Marshal’s Office were trying to figure out how the fire started. Firefighters from the East Conway Volunteer Fire Department said the same facility also burned about 10 years ago.

February 5, 2022: MAUSTON, WI—A massive fire swept through Wisconsin River Meats in Mauston on Thursday, destroying part of the facility. “By the time I got here, the building was engulfed in flames,” co-owner David Mauer said. “We had some livestock that was in the building but we got those animals out. “Do you know how many smoked meats jokes we got,” laughed Mauer. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

January 7, 2022: HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA—Fire Chief Dave Cunliffe says a cleaning crew working inside a poultry processing plant contacted 911 after they spotted the fire. He said the fire was upgraded to a multiple-alarm and additional resources were brought in to assist. No injuries have been reported. Damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

November 29, 2021: SCOTT TOWNSHIP, PA—Multiple crews are on the scene of a working fire in Scott Township. Officials tell FOX56 the fire broke out just before 6 pm. at the Maid-Rite Steak Company meat processing plant. The structure was fully involved, we’re told all employees that were inside evacuated the facility safely.

September 13, 2021: GRAND ISLAND, NB—JBS plant in Nebraska to reopen after five-alarm fire. The Grand Island Fire Department Twitter account reported that the roof of the facility was on fire, resulting in a five-alarm response. Officials are still determining the cause of the fire. According to the Steiner Consulting Group’s Daily Livestock Report, the plant has a  capacity of 6,000 cattle per day making it one of the ten largest beef plants in the United States. Cory Schmidt, chief of Grand Island Fire Department told Reuters that the fire burned a hole in the roof in the area that handles rendering. Damage caused by that fire was confined to the rendering space.

August 28, 2021: HANCEVILLE, AL—Crews respond to second fire in a month at Tyson plant near Hanceville. Firefighting crews from a number of agencies responded to the scene Saturday night of a fire at a rendering plant in Cullman County. A large fire broke out at the plant one month ago.

August 24, 2021: ATLANTA, GA—Early Tuesday morning, Patak Meat Products announced on Facebook that a fire broke out at the factory and caused severe damage. The business, which has been specializing in European meats and sausages since 1981, will be temporarily closed. Cobb fire crews were called to the butcher shop on Ewing Road around 10:40 p.m., department spokesman Ramses Rivas said. Upon arrival, crews found heavy flames coming from the center of the building. Rivas confirmed there were no injuries. The fire is still under investigation with no foul play suspected, he said.

July 31, 2021: HANCEVILLE, AL—Firefighters on Friday battled a large fire at Tyson’s River Valley Ingredients plant in Hanceville, Alabama. Crews battled the fire at the poultry meal plant on Cullman County Road 508 amid extreme heat. The cause of the blaze is unknown at this time. There are no reports of injuries.

April 30, 2021: MONMOUTH, IL—The cause of a fire Thursday evening at Monmouth’s Smithfield Foods pork-processing plant remains under investigation. Firefighters responded about 6:30 p.m. Thursday to reports of an exterior wall producing smoke at the North 6th Street plant, and were on scene until around 11 p.m. No one was injured in the fire. The Illinois State Fire Marshal is investigating.

January 12, 2021: Fayetteville, IL—People in the village of Fayetteville, Illinois, are under a boil order after a fire late Monday destroyed a meat plant. The fire destroyed the Deli Star Corporation’s meat plant. It is not considered suspicious, Mounts said. Crews were called to the plant about 10 p.m. Monday and flames were coming from the roof. The plant works around the clock, and the six workers on that shift were able to evacuate safely. No one was hurt in the five-alarm fire.”


Last month we reached out to all of you to ask for support as we couldn’t afford to pay for all the infrastructure that keeps our website and internet presence afloat. Thankfully many of you donated, and especially thanks to a single, very generous donation, we have managed to cover the costs of servers, domains and other infrastructure for the next year. We are truly grateful for that support.

Unoffensive Animal has been going for a good handful of years and we believe the project is useful for the broader movement. For as long as the movement finds the project useful too, we will keep going and adding to the fight towards animal liberation.

If you appreciate our platform, or if you think that our work is needed in this fight against the system, do reach out and collaborate. Supporting isn’t just about sending funds (although we are incredibly short for funds all the time), but also about sending ideas, submitting write-ups and helping with whatever you think UA could publish about.

Our emails are open and you can find how to safely reach out to us on our “Contact Us” tab on our website.

Solidarity with all fighting for a fairer world.


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4th May, Montreal Canada

originally published by MTL-Counterinfo:

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Late in the night, on May 4th, individuals acting in the spirit of vengeance visited the home of Michael Fortier on Chester Avenue. Mr. Fortier was a federal cabinet minister under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Today, he is the vice-chairman of capital markets at the Royal Bank of Canada. Tucked away in his big house in the Town of Mount-Royal (a wealthy Montreal neighborhood separated by a long wall from the poor and exploited), Mr. Fortier no doubt feels at ease with his employer’s decision to continue funding the Coastal GasLink pipeline (or any other disgusting project financed by RBC).

As glaciers melt and drought, fire and famine spread, Mr. Fortier may think that his money and connections will protect him, his children and his grandchildren. But the ecologically dispossessed will know the names of those responsible. He must understand that no one is safe amid this storm.

On the night in question, flames spread from an incendiary device to the engine block of his Jaguar, parked in front of his home.

This act is in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land defenders and all those who fight the extractive industry.”


In 2018 on the Greek island of Evia two individuals confronted a hunter as he attempted to murder free-living animals. They took his gun and threw it away, and were later arrested by multiple police officers not far from the scene. They were charged with robbery, which is a felony, despite the motive clearly not being to steal the weapon that was found in the woods.

Since the arrest, both the local and national hunting associations have unsurprisingly taken a great interest in the case. The hunting association of Greece (D’KCSE) has frequently attacked the anti hunting activists in the press and is even paying the legal costs for their prosecution.

The trial is set for this month, 26th of May 2022 and there has been a call for folks to show solidarity “in any way you like”. Since the call for solidarity there have been demonstrations, banner drops and the hunting association of Athens was spray painted.

In the words of the accused, “our attempt to protect an animal from being murdered, was an instinctive move that in our opinion should be the obvious thing for everyone.”

You can find more information here: