14th April, Shoby Poultry, Leicestershire UK.

received anonymously via email:

“In the early hours of Thursday 14th April a group of activists liberated 4 turkeys from their intensive factory farm.

Too long has this area in Leicestershire remained untouched and able to get away with their abuse, so in the early hours a plan was formulated to enter one of their many farms and start the liberation.

Let this be a warning to all animal abusers and factory farms around this area, we are here and we will not stop our efforts.

Until all are free ✊🏽🏴


PHOTO: The report did not include a photo, so we have attached a photo from a turkey liberation in 2019, when SWALF, NEALF and SEALF competed to see which UK ALF group could liberate more turkeys before Christmas.


April, France

received anonymously via email:

“Liberation of 16 rainbow trouts

16 rainbow trouts obtained freedom on an April night. We were able to rescue them from their dirty pool where hundreds of them were surviving fattened to be eaten. We let them go in a river where they will finally be able to express their natural behaviors and be happy, alone or with chosen companions. We first made sure that they would be able to survive after being held in captivity and that they would no threaten the local free animals.

The fish are not commonly helped by direct actions, while there are so many of them exploited and killed. Fish farms and trawlers should be privileged targets as well.

Until everyone is free !”