14th April, Shoby Poultry, Leicestershire UK.

received anonymously via email:

“In the early hours of Thursday 14th April a group of activists liberated 4 turkeys from their intensive factory farm.

Too long has this area in Leicestershire remained untouched and able to get away with their abuse, so in the early hours a plan was formulated to enter one of their many farms and start the liberation.

Let this be a warning to all animal abusers and factory farms around this area, we are here and we will not stop our efforts.

Until all are free ✊🏽🏴


PHOTO: The report did not include a photo, so we have attached a photo from a turkey liberation in 2019, when SWALF, NEALF and SEALF competed to see which UK ALF group could liberate more turkeys before Christmas.

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  1. Oh so well done. We need to end factory farming of all aimals.
    Thankyou for what you do. X

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