Last month we reached out to all of you to ask for support as we couldn’t afford to pay for all the infrastructure that keeps our website and internet presence afloat. Thankfully many of you donated, and especially thanks to a single, very generous donation, we have managed to cover the costs of servers, domains and other infrastructure for the next year. We are truly grateful for that support.

Unoffensive Animal has been going for a good handful of years and we believe the project is useful for the broader movement. For as long as the movement finds the project useful too, we will keep going and adding to the fight towards animal liberation.

If you appreciate our platform, or if you think that our work is needed in this fight against the system, do reach out and collaborate. Supporting isn’t just about sending funds (although we are incredibly short for funds all the time), but also about sending ideas, submitting write-ups and helping with whatever you think UA could publish about.

Our emails are open and you can find how to safely reach out to us on our “Contact Us” tab on our website.

Solidarity with all fighting for a fairer world.


PS: drop us some coins if you can afford it, be it through a Patreon subscription, by sending some Bitcoin or Monero (wallet addresses on our website), or by PayPal! We would truly appreciate the support as we’ve not been able to distribute funds to prisoners for a couple of months now.

paypal: unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota.com

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