The New York Anarchist Black Cross has published an up to date list of USA political prisoners and USA prisoners of war, alongside their charges and addresses to which you can send letters.

In the list, as well as Earth Liberation folks like Jessica and Marius, there are prisoners locked up for their work on black liberation, anarchist action and anti-police action. Every single one of those people listed was locked up because of their involvement in the fight for a better world. Some of them have been behind bars for decades, and all of them deserve support and solidarity.

We would love for you to have a look at their list, choose a couple of people and write a little something to send them a letter. It doesn’t need to be something very profound, you can talk to them about your day or your favourite place in the world. Describe to them a good walk with a dog companion, your favourite restaurant or that time you almost got caught dumpster diving behind the apple store!

Many folks celebrate the anonymous reports that Unoffensive Animal publishes, but only a small percentage of those will write a letter to a prisoner, who could’ve once upon a time sent one of those anonymous reports! So today is the day, write a letter to someone locked up, help them open a window to the outside! 

If you have a group of friends, why not organise a letter writting evening? Meet up, have some snacks and write letters to multiple prisoners that then you can combine postage for. Makes things extra easy!

Check the NY ABC prisoner list here:


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