After our last post regarding donations, Patreon and economic support, many of you folks really showed up! Thanks to all of those donations we have been able to send some nice chunks of money to different groups and individuals in need.

In the past week we were able to send 600 GBP to our comrades in Sweden who really need as much support as they can get after being fined thousands of euros and having at least two comrades in prison. We also managed to send money for commissary to Marius Manson, who has been locked up since 2009 and who is still having to serve a sentence that will last up until 2027. We sent some cash to Eric King too, his letter restrictions have been lifted so he is now receiving postcards, and having contracted COVID and being locked up in the highest COVID case prison in the USA, some commissary money (or for books!) is always a positive thing. Lastly, two comrades who received a fine during a protest got sent 200GBP to ease the amount of money they have to pay to the state. All in all, over 1200 GBP were redistributed to folks in need in about seven days.

We could not be more grateful for that support. Everybody who donated, joined Patreon, grabbed a t-shirt on our website or simply shared how to support Unoffensive with their friends played a huge role in ensuring that folks on the forefront (or behind bars) are supported and shown the love and solidarity they deserve. Let’s never forget that even a court fine without prison can have a huge impact in the mental health of the activist, putting stress and even stopping folks from keeping the action going.

So this post is to say thank you to all of you who put trust and support into our work, enabling us to help whoever is requesting it.

We would not be able to end this post without addressing the photo. You are seeing it right, we have beanies! Does anyone need to keep their ears warm this winter? Why not support us and grab some of our merch?


If you feel inspired and want to support us, you are very welcome to join our patreon (probably the best thing folks can do, even if it is for just a couple of dollars a month!) or drop us a one off donation over PayPal.


Paypal: unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota(dot)com



25th November, Winsconsin USA.

According to local media reports, Father Jordan Neek, living in St. Norbert Abbey, 1016 N Broadway, De Pere, WI 54115, United States, has been repeatedly harassed since starting hunting in the grounds of the Abbey.

The police report of the incident explains that his hunting seat was vandalised, trees were spray painted and trail cams stolen in an attempt to dissuade the priest from hunting deer in the Abbey’s land.

“It does hurt, I’m not going to lie, every morning I wake up sick to my stomach thinking about the hatred towards me,” says Father Neeck.


20th November, Germany.

Via local media:

According to local media, four hunting towers were set alight in Gödenstorf during the evening of the 22nd November, causing a total damage of 5000 EUR.

On the 19th, in Viernheim, nine more towers were destroyed, legs sawn off, ladders broken or overturned. Some of them had been tagged with ALF.


As many of you know, Richii has been locked up in a Swedish prison under fabricated charges, just for campaigning against the fur industry. The saga does not end there, there is a second prisoner and multiple activists have been fined for protesting Niclas Pettersson’s fur farm in Falkernberg.

A few folks were fined after being charged with trespass and (you can’t make this up) wearing a mask at a protest. The fines account to 30,000 SEK (around 3000 EUR) and they have opened up a couple of income streams for anyone to donate and help get those fines covered. Thanks to our patrons and folks buying merch, we sent 600GBP their way just this morning, but we are asking to anyone who is able to donate, even if it is just 10 coins, to do so! Any amount will help getting rid of the burden of fines by the state.

You can donate by PayPal using their email address: [email protected]

Or you can order some of their merch here: www.djurfront.com/merch

Secondly, our comrade Karl has been snatched, arrested and thrown into jail awaiting trial, again under fabricated accusations and simply for campaigning against the mink farm in Falkenberg. We don’t know how long Karl is facing as the trial is likely to take a while, but they would be immensely grateful for letters of support and love. Please, write to Karl but remember not to write anything incriminating in the letters as these are likely to be monitored. Karl uses they/them pronouns.

Prisoner address:
Karl Häggroth
Box 37
542 21, Mariestad

You can follow Djurfront and what they are doing with their campaigns on https://djurfront.com/ or in social media.

Please remember that it is everybody’s responsibility to show solidarity and love to prisoners and activists being bashed by the state. The fight is long and we are likely to see more people being targeted by a system that was programmed to protect itself. Capitalism is a massive monster, but our solidarity and strength can topple even the biggest of enemies.

Until we win.

Prisons are for burning!


1st December, East Anglia UK.

received anonymously via email:

“Two turkeys liberated from a farm in East Anglia. Rat traps destroyed. Dead bins tagged & locks glued.

Both these girls have been found to be suffering with gape worm, and one has an injury to the foot causing her to limp. They are in a safe place now where they’ll be free from farm, exploitation and murder.

Turkeys are intelligent and inquisitive beings, each with their own unique personality. They love to have their feathers stroked and are very sociable. Have a happy Christmas this year: leave the turkey off the table.”


You’ve been asking for it for a long time and we have finally managed. All clothing sizes and designs have been restocked, and we have added a new design to the website for all of you who basically have a whole Unoffensive wardrobe!

Our new design ‘All Animals Are Equal’ by @pduthiedraws, is based on a personal take on Animal Farm, by George Orwell. We’ve had enough of folks depicting pigs as evil and using their image to represent dictators and police. Pigs are fucking badass animals, and in our personal Animal Farm story, they are instrumental in bringing down the establishment, one Molotov cocktail at the time! Grab yourself a hoodie or a tee and support our work!

Our tees and hoodies are always printed on organic cotton, certified fair-trade and climate neutral and with vegan ink, so that you feel like the world is better while reading buzzwords about greenwashed capitalist fucking bullshit.

Every order from now until the end of December will include a free Wildfire Magazine and a few stickers, so if you are grabbing a present for a mate, they will get a few extra bits with it!

Remember that our merch is pay as you feel because we let folks decide if they would like to donate extra. We are not a shop, but a collective, and all money raised goes towards the different projects that Unoffensive have, from prisoner, arrest and court support to media production or funding grassroots groups. If you can afford it, throw a couple of extra coins with your hoodie order! Printing costs are high so any extra money is appreciated so we can keep sending money to prisoners or helping with fines!


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