As many of you know, Richii has been locked up in a Swedish prison under fabricated charges, just for campaigning against the fur industry. The saga does not end there, there is a second prisoner and multiple activists have been fined for protesting Niclas Pettersson’s fur farm in Falkernberg.

A few folks were fined after being charged with trespass and (you can’t make this up) wearing a mask at a protest. The fines account to 30,000 SEK (around 3000 EUR) and they have opened up a couple of income streams for anyone to donate and help get those fines covered. Thanks to our patrons and folks buying merch, we sent 600GBP their way just this morning, but we are asking to anyone who is able to donate, even if it is just 10 coins, to do so! Any amount will help getting rid of the burden of fines by the state.

You can donate by PayPal using their email address: [email protected]

Or you can order some of their merch here: www.djurfront.com/merch

Secondly, our comrade Karl has been snatched, arrested and thrown into jail awaiting trial, again under fabricated accusations and simply for campaigning against the mink farm in Falkenberg. We don’t know how long Karl is facing as the trial is likely to take a while, but they would be immensely grateful for letters of support and love. Please, write to Karl but remember not to write anything incriminating in the letters as these are likely to be monitored. Karl uses they/them pronouns.

Prisoner address:
Karl Häggroth
Box 37
542 21, Mariestad

You can follow Djurfront and what they are doing with their campaigns on https://djurfront.com/ or in social media.

Please remember that it is everybody’s responsibility to show solidarity and love to prisoners and activists being bashed by the state. The fight is long and we are likely to see more people being targeted by a system that was programmed to protect itself. Capitalism is a massive monster, but our solidarity and strength can topple even the biggest of enemies.

Until we win.

Prisons are for burning!

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