After our last post regarding donations, Patreon and economic support, many of you folks really showed up! Thanks to all of those donations we have been able to send some nice chunks of money to different groups and individuals in need.

In the past week we were able to send 600 GBP to our comrades in Sweden who really need as much support as they can get after being fined thousands of euros and having at least two comrades in prison. We also managed to send money for commissary to Marius Manson, who has been locked up since 2009 and who is still having to serve a sentence that will last up until 2027. We sent some cash to Eric King too, his letter restrictions have been lifted so he is now receiving postcards, and having contracted COVID and being locked up in the highest COVID case prison in the USA, some commissary money (or for books!) is always a positive thing. Lastly, two comrades who received a fine during a protest got sent 200GBP to ease the amount of money they have to pay to the state. All in all, over 1200 GBP were redistributed to folks in need in about seven days.

We could not be more grateful for that support. Everybody who donated, joined Patreon, grabbed a t-shirt on our website or simply shared how to support Unoffensive with their friends played a huge role in ensuring that folks on the forefront (or behind bars) are supported and shown the love and solidarity they deserve. Let’s never forget that even a court fine without prison can have a huge impact in the mental health of the activist, putting stress and even stopping folks from keeping the action going.

So this post is to say thank you to all of you who put trust and support into our work, enabling us to help whoever is requesting it.

We would not be able to end this post without addressing the photo. You are seeing it right, we have beanies! Does anyone need to keep their ears warm this winter? Why not support us and grab some of our merch?


If you feel inspired and want to support us, you are very welcome to join our patreon (probably the best thing folks can do, even if it is for just a couple of dollars a month!) or drop us a one off donation over PayPal.


Paypal: unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota(dot)com


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