You’ve been asking for it for a long time and we have finally managed. All clothing sizes and designs have been restocked, and we have added a new design to the website for all of you who basically have a whole Unoffensive wardrobe!

Our new design ‘All Animals Are Equal’ by @pduthiedraws, is based on a personal take on Animal Farm, by George Orwell. We’ve had enough of folks depicting pigs as evil and using their image to represent dictators and police. Pigs are fucking badass animals, and in our personal Animal Farm story, they are instrumental in bringing down the establishment, one Molotov cocktail at the time! Grab yourself a hoodie or a tee and support our work!

Our tees and hoodies are always printed on organic cotton, certified fair-trade and climate neutral and with vegan ink, so that you feel like the world is better while reading buzzwords about greenwashed capitalist fucking bullshit.

Every order from now until the end of December will include a free Wildfire Magazine and a few stickers, so if you are grabbing a present for a mate, they will get a few extra bits with it!

Remember that our merch is pay as you feel because we let folks decide if they would like to donate extra. We are not a shop, but a collective, and all money raised goes towards the different projects that Unoffensive have, from prisoner, arrest and court support to media production or funding grassroots groups. If you can afford it, throw a couple of extra coins with your hoodie order! Printing costs are high so any extra money is appreciated so we can keep sending money to prisoners or helping with fines!

If on the other hand you don’t want any more clothing but you want to support us anyway, remember that we have links for donations:



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