17th November, Italy.

translation of anonymous report, from Frente de Liberación Animal:

“A cage trap has been destroyed by the Animal Liberation Front in Italy.”


The past 13th of December (ACAB DAY!!) Richii was released from prison. We cannot be happier to let you all know and we hope many of you wrote letters of support and love.

We hope that Richii has a great time getting back to his friends, family, and whatever projects he might want to take on!

As this post is short, we would like to remind people that many others are still locked up.

Karl is in prison on similar charges to Richii’s and awaiting trial, so please consider writing them a letter!

Their address is: Karl Häggroth
Box 37
542 21, Mariestad

You can find other prisoner addresses on our website:

Remember that if you cannot afford stamps, envelopes or going out, we got you covered. At the bottom of our Prisoner support page you can write a letter and send it our way, we will print it and post it for you! Donations for this are completely optional. The only thing you should do is to write your postal address within the letter if you would like for folks to write back.



8th December, Sweden.

anonymous report:

“For Richii Klinsmeister, soon free from prison! For Karl HÃggroth, taken by the cops! Somewhere in Sweden, ALF vandalized a disgusting ostrich farm, a fucking death camp (several road signs were destroyed). Comrades, until everyone is free, we fight for the animals! Fire to the prisons! Fire to the farms! See you soon…”


As you know, one of the main tasks we do is to serve as an anonymous platform for folks who decide to take action but want to remain anonymous. Be it the liberation of animals from a p[lace of exploitation to the sabotage of infrastructure or tools used to abuse animals and the earth, Unoffensive receives reports from around the globe to be published anonymously.

With it, there is the question of how to send those reports securely. Whilst in reality, any form of internet communications is never 100% secure, folks can take steps so they are safer online in order to ensure they can keep working without the burden of prosecution by the law. In this post we want to briefly cover the ins and outs of report sending.

Let us start with the most basic of all. You should NOT send reports online over instagram or Facebook private message. It is not private and it is in fact very easy to track down. This might come as a surprise to many, but we have received reports over social media before, and we suspect it to still be a thing in the future. We do not want to know who you are, and if you do not want folks to know who took action, you should not be using insecure platforms. If, on the other hand, you want to publicise an open rescue, that is for you to choose, but we rarely platform that kind of action as it already carries traction in other social media groups.

So how do you actually send a report? We have an exhaustive explanation on our website under the “Contact Us” tab, but we can quickly explain over here. There are two main methods that you can chose from, one being the form within our website and the other one, using a spam email address. Regardless, both of them require a couple of steps before you do any sending.

The first step would be to connect to a VPN. VPN serves as a mask between your computer and the Internet Service Provider. Instead of you asking the questions to the Internet provider, you tell the VPN to ask those questions for you. You NEED to understand that using solely a VPN does not equate to being secure, anonymous or private online. In this case, we only need the VPN to not let your internet service know you are connected to a TOR network (we will explain this shortly!). You can download and use very intuitively RiseUp VPN or ProtonVPN.

Once you are connected to a VPN, you want to open TOR. TOR is like any other internet browser, but it uses multiple jumps (or nodes) to go from the request to the answer. For that reason, it is a lot more difficult to track down your internet activity. It also comes packed with tools that help with privacy and don’t let websites spy on your behaviour. You can download and install TOR (for free!!) in

Once you have connected to a VPN and opened TOR, you have two choices. One is to simply fill the form in our contact us and click send. We have it configured so that it is encrypted and only us holding the private key are able to understand the language of the email.

If you do not want to fill up that form, you can instead use a spam email address (never your personal address!) to send a report. You can go to any spam email service like, which creates a disposable address without any details where you can compose an email and send it to unoffensiveanimal(at)riseup(dot)net.

If you need to send media (photos or video) you should be aware of metadata. You can read more about it on our website. Once you got rid of metadata, you can simply attach it (whilst still using TOR and a VPN) to any file sharing service (like WeTransfer, also free) and then paste the link to download the files in the same email as the report.

The report should not include any personal details or anything that can give away your identity. We don’t need to know, and we (almost always) simply copy and paste the report without any editing. Be mindful about what you are writing.

It is as simple as that! You can read more about it on our website

Stay Safe.



November, France.

via: BiteBackMagazine

“Between the beginning of 2017 and November 2020, we, antispeciesist activists, exfiltrated more than a hundred hens from the farm of Domaine du Mesnil Saint-Martin (SCEA des Tuileries).

The video we just released was made during a rescue (between September 2020 and November 2020).

Until now, despite the many times we have been there, we had no hope of helping the 200,000 hens trapped in these cages other than by taking out a few, as regularly as we could … But when we heard that L214 had just broadcast an investigation shot there, and called for its immediate shut down, we finally had a glimmer of hope! This kind of place is so despicable, even in the eyes of the majority of speciesist people, that for us, the fact that it was revealed to the general public by an L214 investigation, was necessarily going to lead to its shut down, at least for some time.

But today, more than a week after the release of the investigation, there has still been no response from the Ministry of Agriculture and even less an administrative decision ordering the shut down of this horrible place of oppression. … The French state and its speciesist justice is proving once again that they actively protect those who emprison, exploit and murder non-human people, and are no longer even ashamed when the worst horrors that it support are displayed in public.

A few days ago, we saw the launch of a pressure campaign organized by citizens, who, probably like us, said to themselves that nothing should be expected from the State and that we were going to have to put more pressure than that if we wanted to obtain the disappearance of this farm. We therefore decided to broadcast this video and this press release calling for anyone realizing the horror experienced by these hens exploited for their eggs (then murdered at 18 months), seek a way to shut this farm down as soon as possible and save the 200,000 hens that continue to be sequestered and exploited there today!

Now that we’re all in the know, let’s get organized! Go check out the facebook page “Pour les poules : Fermons l’élevage du Domaine du Mesnil Saint-Martin”, and with them or without them, let’s take action!

Do not sit by in the face of this double injustice, the State will not help us, and even worse, we are deeply convinced that it will put more effort into trying to repress those who saved hens from this place than to stop those who are responsible for the horrors they suffer there!”

“Entre début 2017 et novembre 2020, nous, activistes antispécistes, avons exfiltré plus d’une centaine de poules de l’élevage du Domaine du Mesnil Saint-Martin (SCEA des Tuileries).

La vidéo que nous venons de diffuser a été réalisée lors d’un sauvetage (entre septembre 2020 et novembre 2020).

Jusqu’à présent, malgré les nombreuses fois où nous nous y sommes rendu.e.s, nous n’avions aucun espoir d’aider les 200 000 poules emprisonnées dans ces cages autrement que par le fait d’en sortir quelques unes, aussi régulièrement que nous le pouvions… Mais lorsque nous avons entendu que L214 venait de diffuser une enquête tournée là-bas, et qu’elle demandait sa fermeture immédiate, nous avons enfin eu une lueur d’espoir ! Ce genre de lieu est tellement ignoble, même aux yeux de la majorité des personnes spécistes, que pour nous, le fait qu’il soit révélé au grand public par une enquête de L214, allait forcément mener à sa fermeture, au moins pour quelques temps.

Mais aujourd’hui, plus d’une semaine après la sortie de l’enquête, il n’y a toujours pas eu de réponse du ministère de l’agriculture et encore moins de décision administrative ordonnant la fermeture de cet horrible lieu d’oppression… L’Etat français et sa justice spéciste nous prouve encore une fois qu’ils.elles protègent activement celles et ceux qui encagent, exploitent et assassinent les personnes non-humaines, et n’a même plus honte lorsque les pires horreurs qu’il soutient sont étalées sur la place publique.

Nous avons vu passer il y a quelques jours le lancement d’une campagne de pression organisé.e.s par des, qui, probablement comme nous, se sont dit qu’il ne fallait rien espérer de l’Etat et qu’il allait falloir mettre plus de pression que ça si nous voulions obtenir la disparition de cet élevage. Nous avons donc décidé de diffuser cette vidéo et ce communiqué appelant à ce que toute personne réalisant l’horreur que vivent ces poules exploitées pour leurs oeufs (puis assassinées à 18 mois), cherchent un moyen de faire fermer cet élevage au plus vite et sauver les 200 000 poules qui continuent d’y être séquestrées et exploitées actuellement !

Maintenant que nous sommes tou.te.s au courant, organisons-nous ! Allez voir la page facebook “Pour les poules : Fermons l’élevage du Domaine du Mesnil Saint-Martin”, et avec elleux ou sans elleux, agissons !

Ne restons pas les bras croisés face à cette double injustice, l’Etat ne nous aidera pas, et même pire, nous sommes intimement persuadé.e.s qu’il mettra plus d’effort à essayer de réprimer celles et ceux qui ont sauvé des poules de ce lieu qu’à faire stopper celles et ceux qui sont responsables des horreurs qu’elles y subissent !”

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