28th October, South West UK.

Received anonymously via encrypted email:

“We start the yearly Antispeciesist Week of Action in Memory of Barry Horne with a smashing time.

As farmers have been busy turning the countryside into a bloody badger massacre we thought we’d celebrate the end of the cull with a visit to the National Farmers Union building. We took a break from muddy fields and took our rage for all the badger families that have been attacked this year out on their glass doors and windows. We left them many messages sprayed on their walls that read ‘ANIMAL MURDERERS’, ‘SMASH FARMERS’ and ‘ALF’.

With the anniversary of Barry’s death approaching we cannot stress more the importance of taking action. Not only to spark change, to hurt the pockets of animal abusers or to free individuals from their prisons, but also to remember those who fought before us.

We want to send solidarity to the Ramsgate 3 and the Watford 1, who have to appear in court this week in relation to animal liberation actions. Our fight is one, whatever the tactic used.

Until all are free.


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