26th January, Germany.

anonymous report:

“Now more than ever!

In the night of the 26.1.2018, we sabotaged a pumping station of RWE with several incendiary devices. With that, we sent first smoke signals to the 9 fighting prisoners of the Hambacher forest movement.

Attacks against RWE-infrastructure are an important part of the Anti-Brown-coal-resistance. For that, there are different opportunities. Attacks on pumping stations are easy to do, as actions in the past show. They disturb the correct functioning of the mine. It causes not just money to replace the destroyed infrastructure, also the costs for the security-personal increased in the past.

We call for an increase in (militant) resistance against brown coal.

Regardless of the cutting having stopped in the Hambacher forest and although the next Ende Gelaende action might come soon: climate activism is not only once a year!
To the state: Your oppression will not intimidate us. The fight goes on…. Now more than ever!

With love and riot to the jail!
Some anarchists”


December 2017, Hambacher Forst.

anonymous report:
“For a couple of months, we have been clearing out all shooting towers, hunting cabins and stands around the forest. Those that were inside of the forest are long gone, but the surrounding areas are covered with metal and wood that aids the hunters splattering blood on the ground. This is unacceptable.

We discovered that the sand and stone exploitation by the forest is allowing hunters to create meadows for shooting stands, attracting wildlife to the area to then murder animals without compassion. We destroyed dozens before deciding to send a clearer message, so overnight and with only one security guard in the area we set multiple shooting huts and towers on fire, making sure that all were standing in the clear ground without risks of creating an uncontrollable fire.

They burnt rapidly and our anger calmed, but only shortly. We then decided to send a letter to the mine, allowing them to know our intentions. If the shooting towers aren’t destroyed by them, it won’t just be the hunting equipment that will burn, but their entire machinery will be a ball of fire. We believe to have been successful as all stands have been either demolished or taken away.

Let this also be a wink of solidarity with our friends in prison. Nine Hambis are locked up for resisting cops destroying a beautiful forest. Nine individuals with friends, with an uncontrollable thirst for freedom, are being locked up for caring about the planet.
Do not forget. We are active, we are fearless and we will attack when is necessary. We are not concerned about consequences and we will reach no compromise.

For a future without speciesism and where animals can be free. For a future where the planet is respected and loved. For a future without prisons. For an anarchist future.

some anarchists.”




1st February, Italy

received anonymously:

“Claim of responsibility for sabotage of two Benetton shops

We are enemies of power and domination. We want the end of every form of exploitation. We aim for the absolute destruction of authority and of the capitalist system. The symbols and the consequences of capitalism and exploitation are everywhere. So we just had to take a clear decision, choosing to take the side of those who are oppressed and attacking the system and its accomplices: direct action for self-determination and total liberation! It doesn’t matter how small is the action compared with the giant monsters we are fighting: it’s action and not just promises at election time, it is the proof of the fact that the fight isn’t over.

On Monday, January 29th, from an anarchist, antispeciesist, antiauthoritarian and anti-capitalist position, we sabotaged two Benetton shops located in Ferrara (Italy) by gluing the locks of the shops.

In solidarity with the Mapuches who, in Patagonia, for decades have been resisting the oppression of the corporation that, since 1991, had taken away (creating many ecological and social problems) almost one million hectares of land from the Mapuches who had lived there for centuries, in harmony with Pachamama (Mother Earth).

For the animals who are enslaved and exploited for the production of wool (to make clothes), and meat (the business of Benetton Group is not limited to the fashion industry).

For the workers, children and adults, who are exploited in factories through a particular method of subcontracting.

In memory of the victims of Rana Plaza collapse, in Bangladesh; and in memory of Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel and all the activists who lost their lives because of the brutal repression put in place by the States of Argentina and Cile.

And also not to forget the involvement of Benetton in the transport of British war material to Iraq, and the hypocrisy of advertising campaigns hidden behind fake social commitment, created by Oliviero Toscani, in the attempt to show a clean image of the corporation.

‘Power disguises itself continually and the great challenge is to recognize its colors’


Anarchist Cell – Sebastián Oversluij Seguel

vía: Bite Back magazine


29th January, Zug

“The night of the 29th we liberated 14 individuals from their prison in Zug, Switzerland. Cramped in a really confined space and completely isolated from each other, these creatures survived a torturous existence with only one purpose, to be fattened and murdered for our taste buds.

They didn’t even have names, just numbers. We could not accept it. We saw as our duty to free these creatures from their captivity because non-human animals feel exactly like us and have the same right to live as we do. From now on they will live in a beautiful place where they can fulfil their natural needs.

Two animals are killed every second in Switzerland alone. With this action, we were able to spare 14 lives, but we also see this liberation as a symbolic act. As a call to arms to all animal-liberating beings!

it is possible and necessary to liberate any oppressed sentient being!

Join us! Create your own affinity group! Free the animals!

For animal and human liberation!”



9th January, London Ontario.

Two rabbits used as “breeding stock” liberated from a rabbit meat farm in London Ontario. Now they will live a life of freedom away from exploitation and cages.


4th January, Hambacher Forst.


anonymous report:

“2018 has begun – RWE are smashed!

We are a group of autonomous anarchists. We are nature defending itself, acting to protect the Hambacher Forest and the world from RWE and capitalism.
In this action, an area of RWE was destroyed. The area was previously part of the forest. RWE cut all the trees, destroyed the habitat of the living beings, built new structures, fenced it off, and observed it with cameras. These structures would help them to destroy the rest (226 hectares) of the 12,000 year old forest (originally 5500 hectares) for their profit with lignite/browncoal, which produces 90 million tons of CO2 per year.

This are was opened by us again and given back to the forest. The material they used to kill the forest is now being used to protect the forest. The structures inside are no longer available to RWE, so they cannot use them to destroy the forest further. We left messages to RWE, expressing our feelings towards them.

As RWE cut trees in the Hambacher Forest outside of the winter cutting season, it shows that they do not care about the law any more than we do. We do not want them to claim this area of mutilated forest for themselves, and will make it as difficult as possible for RWE to build new structures here and anywhere else in the Hambi.

RWE bribe local community organisations, and put pressure on local resistance groups. Police claimed that more militant action would result in greater repression, and would cause them to evict and cut the forest, making it the fault of activists that trees are cut. This action is to show that the resistance will not stop just because they are trying to scare us.

This is just the start of the fight back for 2018. The resistance will be really intense now, and will escalate to be even worse if there are any evictions. It was said before the cutting season that no tree will be cut for free – the more they cut the more expensive it will be. The same for evictions. Therefore it would be better for RWE if they shut the mine now and leave the forest.

Happy new year! RWE bleibt nicht!”



4th January, North UK.


“ALF liberate ex breeding ‘stock’ turkey from a slaughterhouse, whisked away to a life of freedom away from harm.”