In all the years, we’ve never seen a more promising tech resource for activists than Anarsec. This is what the folks behind the project have to say:

“AnarSec is a new resource designed to help anarchists navigate the hostile terrain of technology — defensive guides for digital security and anonymity, as well as offensive guides for hacking. All guides are available in booklet format for printing and will be kept up to date.

As anarchists, we must defend ourselves against police and intelligence agencies that conduct targeted digital surveillance for the purposes of incrimination and network mapping. With the defensive series, our goal is to obscure the State’s visibility into our lives and projects. Our recommendations are intended for all anarchists, and they are accompanied by guides to put the advice into practice.

With the upcoming offensive series, we hope to contribute to the practice of hacking the State and capital. Astute readers may notice that the art featured on our homepage and booklets is taken from communiqués detailing how anarchists robbed a bank (Phineas Fisher) and destroyed police servers (AntiSec) using only a keyboard.”

You can find their website and all their fantastic guides and resources here:

We will keep publishing Tech&Sec 101 series as and when we find the time to write them, but we would advice everybody who cares about their long term existence in the movement to keep an eye on that website and learn from it.


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