We received this statement from Caso Susaron back at the end of march, but we did not have the time to properly translate it until now. For that reason, some of it is a little out of date but still very much worth the read!

“‘The deterioration of your attitude is proportional to the tenacity of your idea’.

It has now been a year and five months since the punitive machinery of power has held us hostage. It has tried to put the necessary weight on our shoulders to bend our legs, and thus bring us to our knees.

There have been many events and experiences in prison, both physical and emotional, that have tried to push us to the limits of our capacities. It has always been useless when faced with our convictions, which have given us the necessary weapons to overcome every attack in this centre of extermination; because that is what prisons are. Concentration and extermination camps for those who do not fit into the pantomime of social peace.

In these human swamps we find a varied fauna of behaviours and individuals.
From brave anti-socials who chose to live as they were not supposed to, taking by force what was ‘not theirs’, in an unjust and cruel system. To authoritarian and insensitive freaks, devoid of any courage or empathy. Obsessed lovers of commodities and the superfluous.
Some are as much of an enemy as a policeman or a slaughterhouse worker.

In this period of captivity that we have had to assume, always with the nobility that is expected of a warrior conscious and proud of their actions, a lot of water has passed under our bridges. From the momentary release and subsequent appeal by the prosecution, which led to the recapture of our members Ita and Ru in November 2023. To the subsequent definitive release, almost a month ago, of Itamar.

Sentenced to 5 years of intensive probation, news that we received with great joy and happiness.
And so many events: multiple mobilisations of our modules, days in the violent punishments of Santiago 1, conflicts with gendarmes and prisoners, obstacles to see our families and partners. Multiple obstacles to our irreducible vegan stance, which the police have dedicated themselves to transforming into one more obstacle in order to harass us.

And so one thing after another. Good news and bad news that sometimes set the mood for a whole day or even a whole week. We’ve lived so much…

In prison it is difficult to deal with sorrow and anguish, because you have no room to let yourself slack. You can’t, for example, apply the classic ‘today I won’t get up’, ‘today I will rest and give myself a day to think’. Here the wheel doesn’t stop and you have to know how not to show weakness in front of screws and prisoners.

Here you either grow stronger or you melt into the mud that covers everything around you, and for that great flow of energy that is required; conviction in our idea and pride in our actions and decisions become more vital than water or oxygen. And they separate us from the constant wailing heard from the vast majority of the captives around us.

In these 17 months we have held together as an anarchic unit, forming a space of resistance and containment for refractory political individualities who have fallen into prison over time. This has greatly contributed to our wellbeing, as we have collectively fought with claws and fangs the emptiness, loneliness and ostracism that prison seeks to thrust like a dagger through our minds and hearts. And we hope that as we go free, or to other prisons, there will always be tender urban guerrillas ready to extend a hand to other comrades that will unfortunately but inevitably arrive. Because of one thing we are sure, war does not stop! And it has its consequences.

Therefore we call on all those who dare to attack authority and its symbols. To always maintain the absolute notion that prison and death are part of our path. Always on the run and capturing those ghosts, obviously with all the strategy and care that the love for freedom deserves. But, also being mentally prepared in case one day they hunt you down, so as not to lose your attitude and ideas that led you to act, when adversity strikes. And in this way you will never be broken by this meat grinder called prison. In the street and in the cana you can be yourself. And not be surprised when the sometimes inevitable consequences of confronting such a powerful and omniscient monster come knocking at your door.

The three of us are awaiting some expert reports and judicial resolutions that will mark for better or for worse our fate as prisoners. Longing for freedom and a night of shooting stars with all our might. But clinging to our unshakeable pride as animals at war with existence. Never willing to bend or beg for mercy.

Because if there is one thing we have sculpted in blood and tears after this season of kidnapping, it is that we are living in our own flesh, and in infinitely better conditions than what millions of non-human animals live in life imprisonment and with the death penalty included in the majority of cases, throughout this decomposed world. For them we act, for them we take on these harsh consequences and for them we remain more convinced than ever that the way forward is undoubtedly: fire, lead, exploitations and clandestine liberations.

And just as in animal liberation, which is the pyramidal base of our anarchic and confrontational thinking, so also for the whole sick society that governs us; its police, defenders and false critics.

On the eve of a new painful and angry commemoration of the 29th of March, the day of the young combatant. A date that commemorates the fall in combat of Rafael and Eduardo Vergara, 18 and 19 years old. At the hands of the civil-military dictatorship that ravaged these territories on 29 March 1985, the day on which the events took place.

The first thing we have in our boiling blood is the indomitable gaze, tanned by the suffering of Luisa Toledo. Exemplary warrior and mother of both young men. A courageous woman who has illuminated our path countless times with her clarity, bravery and love.

In this new commemoration we call to take to the streets with greater force. Not to let ourselves be infected by the defeated spirit of the society of the false critics and to burst into the numb context with the beautiful anonymous anti-social violence. And the majestic fire that illuminates the darkness of the streets. So that no corner remains unlit, no police station unattacked and no multinational unlooted.
That is our call without hesitation or ambiguity!

One year and five months later, we are still as firm as ever. And not a hair of our essence and character has moved us.

We call for the vindication of our prison, with gestures and actions. To the active and direct solidarity with the instances generated by our comrades in the street, to financially sustain these attacks that inherently drag down our circles and families.

Freedom to Lucas, Aldo, Javo, Paty, Syde, Kuyen, Mónica, Pancho, Leftraru, Don Checho, Gerardo Leal and Felipe Rios. And to all the prisoners at war around the world!

And don’t forget that comrade Don Sergio Olivares, an example of war against the system, is sentenced to 15 years. He is already serving his sentence in the ex-penitentiary. For those who want to contribute, show solidarity and vindicate this historic, guerrilla and respectable person.

Total liberation, whatever the cost.
Fire to all the prisons with their jailers inside.
War on existence!

Anarcho nihilist vegan straight edge prisoners susaron case.
Panda, Ru, Tortuga.

CPD Santiago 1,
Marzo 2024″

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