In 2021, Jessica Reznicek was sentenced to eight years in prison. August 11, 2023, she has served two of those years. Jessica is incarcerated at FCI Waseca.

Jessica was sentenced to prison for taking action to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016, including direct action by dismantling construction equipment and pipeline valves. Due to the court classifying Jessica as a domestic terrorist, her prison sentence was significantly extended.

Jessica is 40 years old. On their website, her support crew describes Jessica as follows: “Jessica has a deep love for nature, camping, swimming, hiking, theology, music, gardening, laughter and eco-sustainability, as well as a commitment to self-discovery through deep relationships cultivated in intentional faith-based community living.”

Right now there is a campaign going on with the aim of Jessica not being classified as a domestic terrorist, which would mean that her time in prison would be greatly shortened (by roughly halving the prison sentence).

There are several ways to support Jessica, like writing her letters.

More information about Jessica, how to support and show solidarity, as well signing the campaign, can be found on the website:

(Jessica’s support crew can also be found on Facebook and Twitter, where information about Jessica’s case is continuously updated)


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