Almost a year ago, during a demonstration in front of a T&S Rabbit farm, folks decided to jump the fences and take as many rabbits as they could. Those rabbits would’ve been destined to a life of abuse and a death for a fur coat. The farm was almost empty at the end of the daylight raid, and an anonymous report called the day “Operation Easter Bunny”.

Reportedly, the day was very eventful, lots of people dressed in black during Easter Sunday, in a very busy country lane, running around with carriers full of rabbits. Many people were arrested, and ultimately four people were set to stand trial.

We have heard that those four people have had their charges dropped, maybe because they realised they cannot arbitrarily arrest people at a demo and charge them with theft, maybe because Phil Kerry was unwilling to show his face in front of all the animal rights support that the court case would’ve gathered, but whatever the reason, the result stands.

The bunnies are free, and so are the people!

This comes after two other mass raids by Animal Rebellion where multiple beagles were liberated from a vivisection breeder. The raiders gave themselves in, and ultimately their charges were dropped. The folks arrested at the Easter demo were in all likelihood people simply attending a demonstration who ended up arrested by the cops when raiders run away with the vast majority of the rabbits from the farm tucked in carriers, but arguably we can say that the security culture that the campaign against T&S Rabbits cultivated had much to do with the impossibility for anyone to be charged with the theft of the rabbits. For the most part, people were masked up and did not use their legal names aloud. They also made sure to understand that the police was not there to be friendly with them.

NO FACE NO CASE and NOBODY TALKS, EVERYBODY WALKS likely meant that in the end, no legal case was to be answered by any humans, regardless if they had or hadn’t been involved in the daylight raid.

We hope that all those rabbits are celebrating too, wherever they might be, and we hope that those who were facing legal charges because of Operation Easter Bunny are not only relieved, but incredibly fucking proud of themselves.

Love and liberation.

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