As part of the frontlines series, UA will be providing a monthly round-up of hunt sabotage and other forms of wildlife protection that happens within the UK and Ireland. This will include events, actions and developments that have taken place within the last month relating to ongoing campaigns against hunting with hounds, the shooting industry, the badger cull and beyond.

We want to stress that our aim of this is not to cover everything. There are so many active groups and individuals that doing justice to all of their work is an impossible task. Instead, what we intend to do is highlight key examples of tactics and strategies that are being used and contribute to a conversation about how these produce results. With that said, some do not believe that the state is the answer. Legal reform or prosecutions may be mentioned, to give context, but it can be argued that animal liberation, let alone total liberation, can not be achieved through these methods.

While we prepare for our first round-up, we ask that groups and individuals to reach out to us. As part of these releases, we would like to include relevant imagery from campaigns relating to hunt sabotage and other forms of wildlife protection. As mentioned before, we cannot include everything but what we do feature will be credited (unless requested otherwise). Imagery can be sent to allemailsarebastards(attt)protonmail(dddot)com .

Feel free to also contact us with relevent campaign updates but please do not detail planned actions or illegal activities. Detailed information on how to submit hit reports, however, can be found on the ‘contact us’ tab on our website which provides a safer method of submitting.


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