We seem to be back on track. Multiple people are collectively working on different series well as keeping tabs on prisoners and prisoner support tasks, which is really helping with keeping Unoffensive afloat. We can’t express enough how amazing it is that folks came forward and we are truly grateful that they did and helped push UA forward once again, we really did not want to see the project die.

Because social media algorithms are absolute bullshit, remember that engaging with those series like frontlines, prisoner support or A is for Anarchy is key to reach as many folks as possible. The engagement that prisoner support posts has is a very small percentage to the posts where we share anonymous direct action news. We wouldn’t really care much about “engagement” and “likes” if it didn’t directly translate to supporting prisoners, the amount of letters written and the amount of donations for groups, individuals, court cases and commissary. So please, do drop reactions and comments on those posts so we can push them to more folks who might be able to either learn or support in some way!

In talking about support, we are also asking for folks to donate some cash if they can afford it. We have upcoming costs with platforms, tech services and website/server related expenses that we are going to need help with! We have many avenues for donations (from Paypal and Patreon to Monero and Bitcoin), so if you are able to, please consider donating even if it is just a couple of coins, it really helps tremendously. We mostly use Monero for any tech related cost, as it is a fairly private coin, but it doesn’t matter the platform you use to support. For monthly donations, do join our patreon, but please understand that we do not create “patreon only content” because we do not believe that content and education should be put behind a paywall. It is worth mentioning once again that Unoffensive does not have employees or wages, and that all donations are used either to upkeep tech services related to the collective and the website, or sent to prisoners and activists with court case fines.

Paypal: unoffensive_animal (att) tutanota (dot) com

For cryptocurrency donations, you can find our wallet addresses here:

Please donate if you are in a position to do so, and share if you can’t.



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