Mel Broughton has been locked up in the UK awaiting trial since November last year. He does not wish to discuss the charges publicly, but he would really like to feel supported from the outside and there are many ways you can do that!

We have had contact with Mel’s support group, who have let us know that he has received so many books that the screws are limiting how many he can take out, so until further notice don’t send any as they might just send them back. They have also let us know that folks have been sending non-authorised parcels to Mel, which include things like food and clothes, and that folks should not do that (even if they have the best intentions) as he is unable to receive those parcels. If in doubt about what Mel (or any other prisoner in Peterborough Prison) is allowed or not allowed to receive, here is a quick list:


  • Letters
  • Photos (as long as they are NOT “inappropriate” or pornographic. Basically keep things VERY PG)
  • Books directly from approved retailers (WH Smiths and Waterstones), but Mel has received such a large amount of books that they are currently restricting them, so please hold off from getting any more until further notice!
  • Clothing, but please don’t send any as allocations are already complete.


  • Any Amazon parcels
  • Food of any kind.
  • Cash
  • Electronics, DVDs, Videogames, CDs.
  • Magazines or Newspapers (the prison likes to make money off of the prisoners by selling them the magazines themselves).

What Mel could really do with is positive letters. It could be a letter about a recent walk in nature, or about some good news you have received. All positive letters are a window to the outside when locked up surrounded by concrete and metal, and every time you write a letter you are opening that window for a prisoner to breathe the outside world!

If you are concerned about your personal address being surveilled by the prison system, you can contact your local Anarchist Black Cross and ask if you can use their postal address, or maybe your local vegan cafe! What is important is that the letter has a name and an address on the back of the envelope, so as long as it does the screws should be “generous enough” to let the mail get through. Please include a stamped addressed envelope if you’d like to hear back from Mel!

Please be aware that you should NOT include any incriminating details on your letters, nothing that would incriminate you or that would incriminate somebody else. Mel also requests that he does not wish to talk about his case so no need to ask about that either!

If you rather, you are also allowed to send a card directly from Moonpig or Funky Pigeon, as prison is being a little difficult about what postcards and cards prisoners are allowed to receive but Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are approved companies.

Send a letter today, organise a local letter writing event this week with your mates and let prisoners know that they have the movement behind them!

To write to Mel, please address the letters to:

Mel Broughton A3892AE
HMP Peterborough
Saville Rd
United Kingdom

To support prisoners like Mel, you can join the ALFsg as a supporter:


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