We have had a few extra folks follow our socials lately, so let’s do a quick introduction.

Unoffensive Animal is a media platform that receives anonymous direct action reports from around the world. We also attempt to facilitate prisoner support updates for animal liberation, anarchist and earth liberation activists, be it by sharing updates about their case or prison situation or simply by encouraging folks to write letters, as well as trying to send cash to folks for commissary or legal fees. Lastly, we also serve as an education platform (when we have the time to work on extra stuff!), and publish advice on technology and security, on history of the animal liberation movement or on anarchist concepts.

Last time that we did a money update and explained that we had sent money to prisoners, we sadly lost a few patreon supporters. We can only imagine that they had joined feeling they were funding direct action, so we want to make something very clear. We do not take part in actions, we don’t know who sends anonymous reports and we do not fund illegal activities. All the money generated from patreon support as well as donations or merch sales goes either to prisoner support, arrest support and court fines for folks who contact us about it and to the maintenance of servers, website and other tech stuff that keeps our page running. We do not take a salary as we are all volunteers, but that does not mean that UA doesn’t need funding! Servers and domains are a constant expense due to multiple countries banning our website from being hosted within their territory, and activists that face a fine or prison are always welcome to request our support, we will always try and help as much as we can.

If you folks can afford it, please consider donating to Unoffensive. We have PayPal, we have Monero and Bitcoin wallets if you prefer cryptocurrencies and we have a patreon page. It is worth noting that our patreon page is NOT “another social media” and we do not publish “exclusive content”, as we do not believe in publishing stuff behind a paywall that only those who can afford it can actually access.

If you can, please drop some coins over PayPal on

[email protected]

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Thank you to all that have supported us for many years



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