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1st November, Athens Greece.

PHOTO: Unrelated, arson at a police dog training school in Germany, 2019.

Athens, Explosive attack on meat industry – Signal of solidarity to G.Michailidis and to Alfredo Cospito by Anarchists

With this text we take responsibility for the fire of 3 refrigerator-trucks of Davoutis SA, in Nea Ionia, Athens. All three trucks, which were parked next to the main shop-slaughterhouse of the company, were completely destroyed by the flames. This company has been active for decades in the trade of murdered animals, making it one of the largest domestic ‘meat markets’.

Our action is a signal of solidarity, complicity and comradeship with comrade Giannis Michailidis and his struggle, not only in the capacity of a prisoner with a “just demand”, but with all the perspectives and contents of struggle that as an anarchist he has put on the table of subversive fermentations.

With this action, therefore, we in turn want to put a small stone in the broadening of the struggle for freedom and the enrichment of its perspectives and practices. We want to reposition in the integral place it occupies within the resistance to the plundering of nature, the targeting and sabotage of structures that enrich themselves through the torture and mass extermination of non-human animals.
The creation of communities of resistance and direct action against development projects on remote mountain tops and rivers. The struggles for the militant defence of the few remaining urban green zones (such as those evolving in the hills, parks and squares of Athens). The collective vigilance and organisation for the protection and rescue of forests from the devastating fires of urbanisation. Our self-education on the destructive consequences of the continuous development of industrial civilization, on the evolving climate change and further radical analysis and action against the hourglass of destruction.

All of the above go together with the recognition of the importance of saving biodiversity and animal ecosystems, they go together with the struggle for the liberation of every individual, every animal from the confinement structures of the “food” industry, from the experimental laboratories of “progress”, from the hands of the “clothing” skinners. They go along with the coherent attitude of vegetarianism, to the point at which the opposition to the domination of man over other animals is completed at the individual level. An opposition that emanates from the most elementary features of counter-authoritarian thought and practice.

The connection between the causes of the incessant deforestation, the overwhelming monocultures of cereals to feed farm animals, the enormous contribution of the livestock industry to the greenhouse effect and the pollution of the subsoil and aquifer, the mass extinction of species, is more obvious than ever. It is the background of the packaging that ends up on the shelves of supermarkets and large markets like Davoutis’ and then on the plates of a connoisseurial society living in generalised indifference. A backstage characterized from beginning to end by torture, confinement, the blood of those who have no voice to speak the obvious: We are not objects, we are not commodities!

But beyond the imposed conditions and the effects of the modern dystopia of mass societies. The project of a life without imposition and exploitation is completed and acquires a comprehensive perspective when, through opposition to power as the driving force of the suffering of this world, we place at its centre, as inherent characteristics in the here and now, freedom, self determination, life itself, of all living beings. For just as was said above: no life can be sacrificed as an object, as a commodity!

Let this action be taken as an address, a call to the comrades who share a common perspective for total liberation and are in the unfortunate position of a marginalized minority, to disentangle themselves and to speak out, to act, to organize. The massive social acceptance enjoyed by all these structures that torture and murder animals and projects that destroy nature makes their infrastructures targets beyond suspicion, in many cases unguarded and vulnerable. They are everywhere, inside and outside metropolitan centres.
Finally, we declare that we are closely following the development of Giannis’s case. We do not intend to treat the prolonged torture of the comrade during his hunger strike and his continued incarceration through bureaucratic mockery as mere dots on a chronology of events. They are experiences of particular pain and cost to the life and freedom of the comrade… they are causes of intensified hostilities.

Immediate release of the anarchist guerrilla Giannis Michaelidis
Support and Victory to the hunger strike of Alfredo Cospito
Sabotage the confinement and torture of human and non-animal animals
Until the destruction of the last cage….”

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