8th February,  Germany.

Received anonymously via email:

“McDonald’s billboards in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany, have been repainted as McMord Classic (McDeath Classic).



Joseph Dibee was arrested in August 2018 after more than a decade on the run. He is accused of being part of a group that organised arson attacks against earth destroying and animal murdering enterprises. He is accused, for example, of taking part in the arson against the Wild Horse Meat Slaughterhouse in Oregon that would be completely destroyed by fire to never be reopened.

He has been locked up since his capture even tho he has not had a trial yet. In January, Joseph was attacked by a “white-power” piece of shit. His jaw was shattered to bits and he has suffered multiple fractures in the skull. His mouth is wired shut. He is stable, but needless to say that was a very scary and terrible experience.

This comes as no surprise when the FBI has insisted on plastering the media with his full name (Joseph Mahmoud Dibee) alongside “Terrorist”. They have paved the path for Joseph to be continuously attacked in prison because of this. They are utilising any tool (in this case, the spread of anti muslim and Neo nazi philosophy) to make Joseph suffer as much as possible.

His lawyer has insisted to the judge over and over that Joseph is not a risk to society and that he has c hanged his life around, helping build solar and thermal systems in Syria and working as a teacher whilst on the run. The judge did not care and decided to keep Joseph locked up awaiting for trial. We will say it again, he has not even been found guilty and he is supposed to pay the price.

Joseph could do with letter of support and love. No one should be writing anything related to direct action or to his case, but sending letters explaining how the day has been might be a good start for him to feel a little better.

This is the address to send letters:
Joseph Dibee #101799,
Inverness Jail, 11540 N.E.
Inverness Drive,
Portland, OR 97220.

Remember that “Support the ALF” isn’t just a fucking t-shirt.




4th February, Germany

Received anonymously via email:

“Single chicken without any companions rescued from a small and dark shed in Germany, in February 2020. She was soon going to be killed and consumed by the owners. Now she lives on an animal sanctuary together with other chickens.”


These past few weeks have been intense and wonderful all at the same time. We had a conversation with everybody putting together LoD and published the event online, we gave talks in Germany, Austria and Slovakia and we filmed stuff with Michal Kolesar and his team.

You folks are already aware of our workshop project and know how it works; people contact us wanting to organise a talk, we try and fit it in the calendar and with the help of local humans a venue is found and promotion is done and we spend a few hours talking about whatever the fuck people want to talk about. Pretty simple isn’t it? We put a pot out for donations, but the workshops are ALWAYS free. We tend to always lose money on those talks, but we do not care, education should always be free.

What you might not know is how we are operating in relation to the microdocumentaries we are filming. The idea is simple, we find people that are not normally in the spotlight but that are doing awesome work and we work with them to tell their story via video. The aim is to publish one every six weeks, but we will see how it actually develops. At the moment we have two episodes of the series that we are working on, one of Michal Kolesar and his team and another one on Kent Animal Defenders. We do not know when we will be able to start releasing the project, but we are putting a lot of effort into creating something that is educational and inspiring, so others feel empowered to also take action whilst learning from folks who are at it already. 

In the next few days we are going to bring you a few posts on arrest support and prison support as because we’ve been very busy it has been a little more difficult to get them sorted. And that, really, brings us to the main point of this post.

Throughout the past three years, we’ve had three main focus points as a collective; educating the public, bringing direct action news to social media and doing prison and arrest support. We used to have a lot more support when we started, and slow and steady that has gone down. In fact, we send HALF the amount of money to prisoners than we used to  send just a year ago. And there is more and more actions were folks are being arrested and we are struggling to help with fines.

We have tried producing different merch, doing discounted merchandise (on items where people can already choose how much they pay), we plaster Patreon and PayPal in many posts… But the reality is, we must be doing something wrong, because it isn’t working. We do not do this job for the money. None of us in fact gets any money for their personal life out of Unoffensive. We don’t have wages or buy food or clothes or pay rent with the money from the collective.

So we are struggling and we fail to see why. We can imagine that many of the folks who used to support us a couple of years ago have grown towards the mentality of “support sanctuaries not individuals” and we also believe that concept to be true. What we don’t think to be true is that Unoffensive falls under the “waged full time activist” that people are avoiding to fund. In fact, different people from the collective do different things to survive, and none of us have a wage from Unoffensive.

So it would be wonderful if you could tell us what we could change to make things better. Should we be posting more content? Or more diverse stuff? Should we be trying to reach out to bigger platforms that might be able to help us out with promotion? How can we convince *just* a 10% of our followers to drop ONE dollar a month on Patreon? Whatever it is, we are open to criticism and to learning more because we would not want the project to die out.

For anyone interested, our PayPal address is unoffensive_animal(at)tutanota(dot)com and our patreon is:

See you in the next riot



28th January, France.

Received anonymously via email:


“We know the cages, the horrible smell, the corpses, the mechanical noise made by the industrialization of death. And yet whenever we dig to these places far away from everyone’s eyes, the horror of seeing one of the worst inventions of humanity strikes us.

We can be paralyzed by our helplessness in front of the thousands of people locked up, exploited and massacred, looking at them through the bars and hating to have the responsibility of choosing which ones will be able to get out.

Tonight, 10 hens exploited for their eggs will never see the cages again. 10 lives changed in the midst of thousands of others, 10 people who were incaged for humans to eat their secretions. These resistance fighters show us every day their strength, their autonomy and the need to snatch them out from these hells.

We have an obligation to get out of a passive veganism that is done in our kitchens, we do not fight with money to support vegan capitalism but with our guts alongside those who fall asleep locked up. No social progress has ever been made without including the oppressed in their struggle. The reality is happening on farms, confronting it is a matter of life and death for the victims.

Tonight, 10 people will be guaranteed to live far from Hell, but all the other faces, the looks in which we get lost those nights, the people we could not help must be engraved in our minds and push us to become their fight’s accomplices.

To our comrades who have left us and to those who inspire us day after day,

The other animals are powerful.

The other animals are not “voiceless”.

Until everyone is forced to hear their howls, until each cage is destroyed,



28 janvier 2020, quelque part en France

On connait les cages, l’odeur horrible, les cadavres, le bruit mécanique de l’industrialisation de la mort. Et pourtant dès que l’on creuse jusqu’à ces endroits loin des yeux du monde, l’horreur de voir encore l’une des pires inventions de l’humanité nous frappe.

On peut être paralysé.e par notre impuissance devant les milliers de personnes enfermées, exploitées, massacrées, les regarder à travers les barreaux et détester avoir la responsabilité de choisir lesquelles pourront en sortir.

Cette nuit ce sont 10 poules exploitées pour leurs oeufs qui ne reverront plus jamais les cages. 10 vies changées au milieu des milliers d’autres, 10 personnes qui étaient encagées pour que des humain.e.s mangent leurs sécrétions. Ces résistantes nous montrent chaque jour leur force, leur autonomie et la nécessité de les arracher à ces enfers.

Nous avons l’obligation de sortir d’un véganisme passif qui se fait dans nos cuisines, on ne lutte pas avec des billets pour soutenir un capitalisme végane mais avec nos tripes aux côtés de celles et ceux qui s’endorment enfermé.e.s. Aucun progrès social ne s’est fait sans inclure les opprimé.e.s dans leur lutte. La réalité se passe dans les élevages, s’y confronter est une question de vie ou de mort pour les victimes.

Ce soir, 10 personnes auront la garantie de vivre loin de l’Enfer, mais tous les autres visages, les regards dans lesquels on se perd ces nuits-là, les personnes que nous n’avons pas pu aider doivent être gravés en nous et nous pousser à devenir des complices de lutte pour les autres animaux.

A nos camarades qui nous ont quitté et à celles et ceux qui nous inspirent jour après jour,

Les autres animaux sont puissant.e.s.

Les autres animaux ne sont pas des “sans voix”.

Jusqu’à ce que tout le monde soit forcé d’entendre leurs hurlements, jusqu’à ce que chaque cage soit détruite,



9th February, Kent UK. 

Received anonymously via email: 

“Fuck you Little Oakhurst.

After reading about this filthy shithole and the 177 cows that were brutally shot because Tracy Middleton is a lazy piece of shit, I felt a lone journey out to Kent was in order, making my way through the back field, I came across 2 lambs stuck between fencing and bramble, it didnt suprise me, I’ve read the previous hit reports, I know how disgusting this farm is but I was still moved, shoving my hands through the bramble, I grabbed the first one, the second doesnt move, like it knows I’m trying to help, I pull them both out, hold them tight and get back to the vehicle, as I approach the farm house, I’m raging at her lack of basic care, who the fuck acts like this? so this is a fuck you Middleton, 2 more lives you wont be destroying any time soon.

Her sentencing is this Thursday in Margate Magistrates, if you,re in the area, be there.

love and Rage”


Read below an open letter that some humans who went to prison after the SHAC campaign want people to read. This is an important change in legislation that everybody should be aware of and actively opposing. Share far and wide, contact the media and start working towards stopping this backwards law.

“In a knee-jerk reaction to an act of terrorism, anti-terror measures are being introduced in the UK which will end automatic release (EDITOR’S NOTE: automatic release is a measure in the UK ‘justice’ system that releases people serving prison for the first time half way through their sentence) for terror offenders and will also apply to animal rights prisoners. It is a dangerous and slippery slope when non-violent activism begins to be equated to terrorism.

There has been a sinister update regarding the recently proposed amendments to automatic early release for those detained on terror charges.

Whilst there has been much attention to these laws being aimed at stopping those who would cause very real and violent harm to citizens in our streets, what has not been mentioned is how these laws will also target non-violent political prisoners of all stripes. 

A non-violent animal rights activist, currently serving a prison sentence has already been informed that they will be affected by these changes and will not be released as expected.

This prisoner has never, and would never, caused harm to anyone. They are certainly not the kind of knife wielding terrorist that these legal changes are claimed to be targeting.

Concerned that Prevent have included peaceful campaign groups such as Extinction Rebellion on their watch lists, we approached Minister of State for Justice, Robert Buckland to ask whether activists from such campaigns would also be affected. He has refused to comment, and blocked us from his social networks as well as silencing legitimate dissent by turning off commenting. 

It is clear that protestors who pose no threat to the public, but who the government find inconvenient, are due to be rolled into this new terror legislation, not by unfortunate oversight, but as a deliberate decision by senior politicians and the police.

It is outrageous that an act of terrorism is being used to gratuitously punish political prisoners who pose no physical threat to members of the public.

The signatories of this letter are all ex-animal rights prisoners who were released from prison between 2010-2012. Had this law change happened then, it would have also affected us.

As it was, we were all released halfway through our sentences, none of us have reoffended, and have all started successful ventures, which would have been much harder had we not been released from prison when we were. 

In love and liberation,

Tom Harris,

Nicola Tapping,

Gerrah Selby,

Jason Mullen,

Alfie Fitzpatrick.


4th February, Lewes UK.

received anonymously via email:

“We saw the call to action from dxe frontlines against the free range egg industry, so on the 4th of February, we paid a quick visit to Mac’s farm in Lewes. It is currently enjoying a wave of good publicity, with people all over the internet directing those concerned about Hoads Farm since last week’s investigation to instead just buy from Mac’s. 

People have been twisting the narrative to promote organic instead of free range, because organic actually give a shit about animals, right? Well we call bullshit. 

Their site is littered with poison traps for rodents, which we filled with expanding foam to stop anyone going inside and getting killed. The poison had also spilled out of the trap and being on a public footpath, could easily be eaten by dogs on walks. Speciesism always gives way to more speciesism. 

There is no ethical egg and there is no ethical exploitation. 

Fuck Mac’s farm for pretending otherwise, and #FuckFreeRange!”


January, Denmark.

Received anonymously via email: 

“On a stormy night in January this little boy was liberated from an intensive pig breeding farm in Denmark. 

Denmark prides itself on high animal welfare but it is clear in all of these farms that all they care about is money. This little baby was liberated from a life time of exploitation, but our fight for his thousands of brothers and sisters that die everyday continues.”