9th February, Kent UK. 

Received anonymously via email: 

“Fuck you Little Oakhurst.

After reading about this filthy shithole and the 177 cows that were brutally shot because Tracy Middleton is a lazy piece of shit, I felt a lone journey out to Kent was in order, making my way through the back field, I came across 2 lambs stuck between fencing and bramble, it didnt suprise me, I’ve read the previous hit reports, I know how disgusting this farm is but I was still moved, shoving my hands through the bramble, I grabbed the first one, the second doesnt move, like it knows I’m trying to help, I pull them both out, hold them tight and get back to the vehicle, as I approach the farm house, I’m raging at her lack of basic care, who the fuck acts like this? so this is a fuck you Middleton, 2 more lives you wont be destroying any time soon.

Her sentencing is this Thursday in Margate Magistrates, if you,re in the area, be there.

love and Rage”

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