5th February, Kent UK.

received anonymously over email:

“We’d heard of the horror farm in Kent owned and run by Tracy Middleton and the campaign folks are running. We saw the photos they had taken of dead bodies in piles next to young lambs and other sheep still clinging on to life. 

So as we were in the area we went to Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm to see for ourselves. We saw the starving sheep, their bones visible even through their wool. We saw the awful conditions and the sickness. Don’t get us wrong we fucking hate every farm and there’s no nice exploitation but this was something else. This is what happens when a lazy psychopath get their hands on animals. We aided those we could grab away from this hell hole and to somewhere safe where they won’t be neglected or sent to slaughter. Even with multiple cop cars showing up we still managed to evade them and make our joint escape. It tore us apart to leave so many comrades behind, knowing that only more suffering lay ahead for them.

We hear there’s a protest at Tracy’s on the 9th, we won’t be able to make it so we hope you will. People should be fucking raging!

We dedicate this action to the memory of Jill Phipps who lived and died fighting for animal liberation. 

The fight continues.”


18th January, Czech Republic.


‘I stop the car in the forest on the side of the road. Several people get out with the necessary equipment and get lost among the trees. Me and Petra are going to park the car. Later we meet with others near the object. When the patrols are on their spots we go to the large metal door. The silence and stink is everywhere.

In a little while we are inside. Every time it looks the same. Life in liquidation proceedings.

Lukas and Petra prepare the bags and I collect animals. They don’t even run away. We take some pictures. No art, just documentation. After that we are ready to leave with six ducks for whom kind people prepared a wonderful new home.

In Memory of Bill “Avalon” Rodgers

Bill Rodgers was found dead on December 21, 2005 in his cell. According to police, he committed suicide using a plastic bag. He choked himself.

Together with six other activists he was arrested on December 7, 2005 as part of Operation Backfire (FBI).

Before he suffocated, he wrote, “I didn’t leave. I just changed form. With or without me, resistance is getting stronger every day.” ‘


20th to 25th May, Hambacher Forst, Germany. 

Last year’s five day event was a blast. People shared and learnt, told the cops to fuck off and a bunch of dirty activists blockaded a slaughterhouse. What is going to happen this year? It is up to you to decide! 

For any of you who might not know, Liberate Or Die: From Cage to Freedom is a five day event filled with workshops, skillsharing and actions. The event is free (including the food!) although donations are welcome. The event is hosted in Hambacher Forst as an attempt to bring together not just the animal liberation movement but also the anarchist, anti-capitalist and ecological struggle.

There are many, many “vegan festivals” to choose from and we would like to say that we’ve checked the calendar to ensure this one doesn’t clash with anything major, but to be honest we would be lying. Basically, if you are into taking action, if you want to learn about something else than outreach and if you want to share a space with like-minded people who don’t simply fall for the standard mainstream vegan, make it to this event.

We will be posting updates and more information about it all, but for now just have a look at the event either on Facebook or on our website. The text has been translated to eight or nine different languages too so that should make things easier.

See you in the next riot, or in Hambacher Forst.

Unoffensive Animal. 

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