4th February, Lewes UK.

received anonymously via email:

“We saw the call to action from dxe frontlines against the free range egg industry, so on the 4th of February, we paid a quick visit to Mac’s farm in Lewes. It is currently enjoying a wave of good publicity, with people all over the internet directing those concerned about Hoads Farm since last week’s investigation to instead just buy from Mac’s. 

People have been twisting the narrative to promote organic instead of free range, because organic actually give a shit about animals, right? Well we call bullshit. 

Their site is littered with poison traps for rodents, which we filled with expanding foam to stop anyone going inside and getting killed. The poison had also spilled out of the trap and being on a public footpath, could easily be eaten by dogs on walks. Speciesism always gives way to more speciesism. 

There is no ethical egg and there is no ethical exploitation. 

Fuck Mac’s farm for pretending otherwise, and #FuckFreeRange!”

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