21st January, Kent UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“Tracy Middleton is a piece of shit.

We’ve been following Kent Animal Defenders’ work against Little Oakhurst for a while. Watching from the sidelines isn’t enough and we realised we wanted to ensure Tracy gets the message so we decided to take action. Whilst getting ready for it we heard a couple of updates that made us hurry even more. Tracy’s court case has been adjourned until February and there are rumours that the court might decide to “cull” all animals in her land. This is outrageous and despicable, they are literally sentencing the sheep to death because of the wrongdoing of a scummy human.

For those reasons and being aware that we could not wait any longer, on the 21st of January we visited Little Oakhurst and took 23 lambs away from the land. They will never face the decisions of a judge who would’ve sentenced them to death. They will never have to pay for the wrongdoing of somebody else. Many of them will need a lot of care. Some are malnourished and would’ve probably not survived the night if we hadn’t collected them.

It was horrible to walk around fields full of death and rotten corpses, with no feed, no water and no dry spaces for the sheep to rest. We walked past many adult sheep who could not walk and who looked like they had given up, their eyes lost in the horizon. We cannot even imagine the horror those sheep live, every single day, because of someone like Tracy.

We will say it again, Tracy Middleton is a piece of shit.

This is not just a report, but a call to action. People need to get there from wherever the fuck they come from, even if it is ten hours away. We don’t care. Those animals need a helping hand. People aiding them should look for homes, for transport and for funds to help them survive. People should stock up on mother’s milk, life aid and ewe drink. They need heat lamps and they need quarantine. We are aware that this makes the rescues a lot more complicated, but this is an emergency and needs addressing, so if you are not planning, let us ask you, what the fuck are you doing?

Other forms of action to make Tracy realise how much she is hated are welcome and encouraged. Get to work.

Tracy, let us speak to you directly: You are a vile, despicable human being. We don’t care how or why you are in this situation, you have a duty of care for every single animal that you have in your land. You not only are forgetting to provide but also sentencing them to death. Your psychopathic behaviour, putting corpses in piles next to lambs, hiding dead cows in the woods and even pretending to bottle feed an obviously dead lamb on TV are not something we can forget. Do the right thing and give up your animals to sanctuaries. Remember that the Animal Liberation Front does not forget and does not forgive.”

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