We have a few workshops coming up in the next few months. Even though none of them have confirmed dates and locations (we will upload them all in our events), we though we should mention them in case nearby cities are interested in talks too and want to help organise.

At the end of the month we have a lock on workshop in Nottingham, UK. In January we will be in the German part of Switzerland for another talk (and maybe a visit to one of our favourite sanctuaries ever). Then in February we have been contacted to give a talk in Bratislava. As it is very close, we are looking at organising another talk in Austria and maybe also visiting Czech Republic, so if you live in any of those two locations please PM us or send us an email and let’s organise something!

We are always happy to organise talks, workshops and skill share. As we have heard certain “celebrities” like to put weird rules to their talks, we want to make sure that people understand how we operate. We do not charge for talks. We do not charge for travel. We do not charge for accommodation. We believe knowledge should be free and we would never dream of charging anyone to share knowledge alongside us. That would make the revolution a very middle class concept. The only thing we ask for is to help out with a venue to give the talk and with local promotion. We are always happy with donations (either via PayPal or face to face) to help with travel costs, but those are not compulsory in any way. We also appreciate when someone offers a sofa to spend the night, but again, that is not necessary and we are always happy to sleep wherever, including your friendly city park bench.

So if you fancy organising a talk with UA and think people around you would be into it, please contact us!

You can see the talks we offer on our website:

Once we know more specific dates we will make them public for people to join. 

As always, if you want to support us you can drop us a couple of coins over PayPal on unoffensive_animal @

You can join our Patreon team on

And you can buy yourself a couple of raffle tickets (LITERALLY 24 HOURS LEFT BEFORE THE RAFFLE IS CLOSED!)



PHOTO: 2011 raid in an Italian university, where three rabbits and many mice were taken away from a lab. 

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