7th December, South East (UK?)

Received anonymously via email: 

“This week in the south east some of us went out into the night to get some footage and help some comrades out. We had to wait hidden in the dark for quite some time as the farmer was still out on the farm at almost 1am. We watched him walking around, finishing the last jobs of the day, we watched him going into the house and we watched him turn off his bedroom light. Once we were sure he was asleep we crept past his house and to the sheds.

We could hear them, but unlike the last time the doors were locked. We checked every door on every shed, we considered brute force but we have future plans for this place so didn’t want to leave a mark. We went to another place that had been on our radar but despite the hour there were people about. Frustrated but undeterred we went to a third location. A ‘free range’ egg farm. We found a number of hens wet from the rain and huddled against the walls of cold metal sheds. They were a sad sight, one especially was in a bad way. We filled our bags and left, wishing we could take them all. On the journey home they chatted to each other and us, making an assortment of interesting noises.

We dedicate this action to our prisoners and all those kept in confinement. While people are busy this holiday season consuming more things they do not need and do not make anyone happy, we ask that you do not forget our prisoners. Both human and non human animals need our support. Write to prisoners, send them books, help them out of their cages if you can. Whatever you do, do not forget our comrades facing state repression. 

Love & Rage 


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