October 2019, Czech Republic.


“Here I am again opening cages inside this madhouse for at least a thousand time. I pull chickens out and try to keep their wings close to their body. Some of them remain calm, some are terrified and I don’t blame them. Born in hatchery, called for mom and she wasn’t there. Just hands of a man that separated them to different boxes, to be killed or live in hell.

After all this they experienced the transport with thousands of others. Caged since they were just a little chicks and now they have been brought into this factory and that’s their life. Never had a family. Don’t know what it feels like when the sun warms the skin, wind blows on feathers or when the fog falls down. They don’t know what clay, grass or morning dew is. Just the cages, darkness, artificial light, ventilation. In short, all they experienced was just the industrial care.

Then we come into their darkness and torment with our flashlights and we are taking them away. We have a safe home for 35 hens today and they don’t know where they are going. But when it’s done and I see them looking around and chatting with each other in a better world, sometimes I even smile.

Have a good time, my sisters.”

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