28 November, South East UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“In the dark of night, we ran away with 4 Turkeys, they were quiet and still throughout, aiding us in being unnoticed. We found that 70% of the turkeys had already been killed since our last visit, and the one’s left were terrified of us. It was only after we left that we realized how mutilated their beaks were. Leaving so many behind is heartbreaking, but there is some comfort in knowing there are survivors.

Christmas is fast approaching, and so is the death of so many more innocent lives. In the next few weeks millions of turkeys will be killed, having been bred over the last few months for this tradition. Whilst everyone is celebrating the birth of a fictional character and consumerism, outside of their view these turkeys are kept crowded together in sheds. Their death will be merciless and pointless. 

All of ALF it’s time to do what you do best SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!”

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